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All About That Clutter: Declutter Your Home With These Tips and Tricks

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All About That Clutter: Declutter Your Home With These Tips and Tricks

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A home is a sanctuary. It is a place where we come back to, expecting peace and safety, after a brutal day at work. It is a safe space where we can truly be who we want to be and escape from all the responsibilities of work. Imagine coming home from work and there are piles of clutter everywhere – unopened mail, unwashed laundry and dirty dishes. Surely it is unsightly! You are adding unnecessary stress into your life by leaving your home cluttered. 


Decluttering is not about throwing away all of your possessions but it is about throwing away the unimportant items. It is also about good organisation as well. Decluttering your home will bring it back to its original glory and make coming home a pleasant experience! Other than it being aesthetically pleasing, it also has so many other benefits such as an improved mental and physical health. So, are you ready to transform your home and make it clutter free? Decluttering might seem like an overwhelming task but fear not, here we have compiled a list of tips and tricks you can follow on your journey to a decluttered home. 


Before you start, get these items ready for your decluttering project. 


Start off decluttering room by room. 


What to throw? 


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What to keep?


What to do with sentimental clutter?



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What to donate?


Keep it up 


Great! Now that you have cleared the clutter of your home, it is time to clean it! You can engage BUTLER’s housekeeping services to help you take your home’s cleanliness and organisation to a whole new level! Contact us now!  

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