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Do I need a property manager or a property agent?

What sets a property manager apart from a property agent?

When do you need a property manager or property agent?

Not sure? You’re not alone.

The whole of real estate can be daunting and difficult to understand. Sometimes, you might end up hiring the wrong professional to take care of your property needs.

If you’ve ever wondered whether to hire a property manager or property agent, this quick guide is just for you.


What does a property manager do?


Generally, property managers focus on the operational performance of a property.

In simpler terms, their top priority is maintaining the state of your property.

Some property managers in Singapore include Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL), Abacus, and BUTLER.


Do I need a property manager or a property agent?

JLL, Abacus and BUTLER are property managers in Singapore.


Property managers can be hired to oversee all sorts of properties, from modest private residences, to the largest shopping malls.

Some responsibilities a property manager typically has include:

In certain cases, a property manager may also oversee security solutions for a property, as well as evaluate vendors providing such security solutions.


What about property agents?


Unlike property managers, property agents focus on property transactions instead.

These are individuals or entities responsible for arranging the sale, purchase or rent of your property.

Property agents in Singapore include Propnex, ERA Realty Network and SLP International.


Property agents in Singapore include Propnex, ERA and SLP International.


In Singapore, all property agents are registered with the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). Before engaging the services of any property agent, it’s recommended to first search CEA’s website to check if your agent is registered with them.

Naturally, a property agent will have a different set of responsibilities from property managers. These include:


So, a property manager or a property agent?


Depending on your needs, a property manager or agent can provide great support.


Simply put, property managers oversee a building’s condition, while property agents are in the business of transacting property.

You should hire a property agent if you’re looking to buy, sell or rent property.

If you already own a property (or a portfolio of properties) and want a professional to oversee its condition, you should hire a property manager instead.


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