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Savour a Taste of Korea at Singapore’s Top 5 Korean Restaurants

Korean cuisine offers a multi-sensory experience few other cuisines can offer.

From mouth-watering K-BBQ to traditional classics like Bibimbap, one can find many tastes of Korea right here in Singapore.

Want to indulge in the best of Korean cuisine Singapore has to offer? Read on to find out.


Check out Singapore’s 5 best Korean restaurants


Savour a Taste of Korea at Singapore’s Top 5 Korean Restaurants

(image credit: https://peoniesandpancakes.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/todamgol/)


1. Todamgol Korean Traditional Restaurant

No restaurant is (literally) bigger on Korean cuisine than Todamgol.

Easily recognisable for its unique village – themed décor, Todamgol is just as well-known for indulging patrons with noticeably larger meal portions. All main courses on their menu can make a fair meal for 3 adults.

While the joint offers familiar comforts like Korean Army Stew, be sure to also try their signature bibimbap. The difference is in their trademark gochu paste, and many swear by it.

If you’re off work late or raring for a heavier supper, Todamgol can also fill your appetite all the way till 3 am.


(image credit: http://www.wangdaebak.com.sg/)


2. Wang Dae Bak

Few K-BBQs do their meats as well as Wang Dae Bak.

Being one of few K-BBQ joints that exclusively use charcoal, Wang Dae Bak’s grilled cuts are known to be more fragrant. For the health-conscious,  their cuts also have a better balance between meat and fat.

Wang Dae Bak was always packed till late before Circuit Breaker measures came into force, but even now their online delivery menu is receiving rave reviews.

Want to try the best of Wang Dae Bak? Check out their Bulgogi or BBQ combo meal sets, or tantalise the tastebuds with their all-Korean Three Soup Set.


(image credit: https://www.thebestsingapore.com/best-place/big-mama-korean-food/)


3. Big Mama Korean

For Koreans studying and working in Singapore, Big Mama is the closest thing to home.

Started by former caretaker and tutor Candy Namgung Ji Young, Big Mama is the culmination of years of heart-warming, authentic Korean dishes personally prepared by Candy for Korean students.

The joint is also consistently voted one of Singapore’s best places to enjoy Korean chicken stir-fry, and patrons have also highlighted the expansive range of Korean side dishes, or banchan.


(image credit: https://sethlui.com/best-korean-bbq-singapore/)


4. 8 Korean BBQ              

At 8 Korean BBQ, grilling meats is a luxurious affair.

Hailing from downtown Los Angeles, this joint prides itself on providing patrons with high – end cuts. Their menu features the unique Mangalitza pork, A5 Japanese Wagyu and USDA prime beef.

Above all, 8 Korean BBQ is best known for their signature 8 Colours Set. Diners can look forward to enjoying succulent pork belly prepared in 8 different styles, including wine, ginseng and miso paste.


(image credit: https://sgmagazine.com/restaurants/news/best-korean-food-singapore)


5. Hanwoori  

If you’re looking for a hearty Korean meal at modest prices, Hanwoori is just the spot for you.

Tucked away in a quiet enclave at Serangoon Gardens, this family-owned restaurant is beloved for its simply, yet no less delicious Korean homecooked meals.

Hanwoori may lack the pomp and opulence of the other entrants on this list, but the generosity of the owners and attention to detail is equally worthy of mention.

To savour the best of Hanwoori, be sure to try their spicy seafood soup and Korean-style steamed egg.


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