Working from the comfort of our own homes can be convenient, but we all know how restless and mundane it gets having to be productive in the same environment for too long. One easy way to switch up your routine is to pick a cafe to clock your hours at instead, but an important factor to also keep in mind is the surrounding ambience.

Whilst everyone has their own preferred type of cafes to work at, we think choosing one with an abundance of natural sunlight is a good way to start off your workday with a positive and bright (literally) mood.

1. The Glasshouse

4 cafes with natural sunlight that are great for working remotely at

Image: The Glasshouse

Located at CHIJMES, The Glasshouse is one cafe you would definitely stop in your tracks to admire. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the specialty coffee and toast bar allows natural sunlight to stream in and is also perfect for people-watching.

Whilst their menu had mainly light bites previously, there are now more filling options like burgers, sandwiches, chicken, bread and fruit bowls. The overall price including coffee ranges from $5 to $17, which is pretty typical for cafe food. If you ever need a sweet pick-me-up, they also serve up popular burnt cheesecakes at $8 per slice.

And to answer the two important questions on your mind: Yes, there are power sockets and free wifi for you to work without worries. The only con is that since the space is pretty compact, so it’s good to go early before peak periods.

30 Victoria Street, #01-03, Singapore 187996
Opening hours: 8am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)
Telephone: +65 9793 0234

2. Glyph Supply Co

4 cafes with natural sunlight that are great for working remotely at

Image: Glyph Supply Co

Glyph Supply at 111 Somerset Road is almost impossible to miss with their large, see-through exterior. Whilst the cafe seems pretty spacious, there aren’t that many seats, so it’s best to grab a spot before those working nearby flock by for their lunch or coffee break.

For your much-needed caffeine boost, you can pick from the usuals like White ($5.50), Black ($4.50), Mocha ($6.50) or try their Single origin chocolate ($6.50). If fermented drinks are your thing, they also serve up Hibiscus pu’ er kombucha ($8), Amazake ($8) and Mead ($12). For light bites, you can pick from a variety of baked goods like bagels which come in flavours such as Chocolate mochi ($4), Garlic butter ($4) and Cinnamon raisin ($4).

Sadly, the cafe does not have power sockets nor wifi, so it’s best to come with your own hotspot and a fully-charged laptop.

111 Somerset Road, #01 – 06, Singapore 238164
Opening hours: 8.30am – 8.15pm (Mon – Sun)

3. +82

Images: Burpple, Burpple

+82 is a Korean-style cafe opened by someone none other than Eunkwang, a member of the K-pop group BTOB. It is located just 5 minutes away from Dhoby Ghaut station and features a spacious layout filled with natural sunlight.

You probably have seen some of their Instagram-worthy menu items all over your feed, such as their different bingsu flavours (e.g. oreo, matcha and strawberry), pretty-looking toasts and coffees. Prices range from around $4 to $18 which can be quite expensive, but if you’re good with just a latte or two, you should have no issue overspending.

Apart from wifi and power sockets available, you can even browse the cafe’s minimalistic clothing collection which includes tee shirts and bags. Fan-held events are also a common sight—typically organised to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries of K-pop groups and idols—so you might even be able to take some photos for memories sake.

Rendezvous Hotel Singapore
9 Bras Basah Road, #01-02, Singapore 189559
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

4. Knockhouse Cafe

4 cafes with natural sunlight that are great for working remotely at

Image: Knockhouse Cafe

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters recently rebranded to become Knockhouse Cafe, and have also switched up their coffee beans from Pacamara to their own range of local-flavoured coffee beans specially curated for your palate.

Pick from a selection of coffee such as Salted Caramel Latte ($7), White Russian ($7.50) and Chai Latte ($6) or other usuals like Long Black ($4.50) and Ice White ($6). They also have a pretty extensive dining menu of brunch (from 9am to 5pm), mains (all day), desserts and sides ranging from $7 to $26, so you won’t have to worry about only having small bites to choose from.

There are plugs and wifi too, so have a cuppa and people-watch at their large floor-to-ceiling window seats for a more relaxed working pace.

185 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574333
Opening hours: 9am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)
Telephone: +65 8121 8904

However, due to the ongoing pandemic, cafes might be restricting how long you are allowed to work at the cafe, so keep in mind that you might not be able to work for long hours.

Feature image taken from The Glasshouse