If you’re looking for a statement piece that will never go out of style, consider turning to designer It-bags. Besides adding a luxurious touch, these handbags are also timelessly chic classics. A quintessential handbag, after all, has the power to elevate any outfit. Stylish sartorial styles aside, some of these purses are also functional and practical — making them the perfect bag for both work and play.

From noteworthy materials painstakingly crafted from top ateliers to modern silhouettes that suits all occasions, these coveted It-bags of 2020 are definitely worth the hefty investment. Bag these classics, below.

Hermès Birkin Bag

The epitome of It-bags, the Hermès Birkin bag is known to be one of the most desirable handbags of all time. Named after French actress Jane Birkin, this highly sought-after bag was created in 1984. Birkin bags are considered one of the most iconic and classic handbags. They’re not only functional, but also portray an unquestionable air of refinement.

Finely crafted with exquisite workmanship from the French fashion house, the handbag is luxurious in both namesake and price tag. In addition, the value of a Birkin bag has never decreased — making these bags one of the best possible fashion-related investments. Most bag cognoscenti will definitely agree that the Birkin is a holy grail amongst all It-bag classics.

Learn more about the Hermès Birkin Bag here.

Bottega Veneta Pouch

The Bottega Veneta Pouch undisputedly hit the acme of its popularity this year. Under the helm of Creative Director Daniel Lee, the oversized clutch took the fashion world by storm. Minimalistic yet versatile, the cloud-like pouch is way more functional than one might perceive. It’s spacious and multifaceted, making it the perfect companion for both daytime and evening functions.

The popular bag is available in an array of colours and finishes, from a creamy Butter Calf leather to a bright signature Intrecciato finish. Spotted in the clutches of celebrities and fashion trendsetters alike, the Bottega Veneta Pouch is definitely one of the trendiest It-bags of the season.

Purchase the Bottega Veneta Pouch here.

Dior Book Tote

5 coveted It-bags of 2020 that are both stylish and practical
Image: Dior

Despite its debut just a mere two years ago, the Dior Book Tote is one of the brand’s most iconic statement bags. Designed by Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, this cult-favourite carryall has been toted by celebrities the likes of Rihanna and Bella Hadid. The tote is as functional as it is stylish, and it’s a staple Dior aesthetic. Essentially a combination of both luxury and simplicity, this It-bag is perfect for daily use.

5 coveted It-bags of 2020 that are both stylish and practical
Image: Dior

Since its inception, the French fashion house has launched several sizes, fabrications and embroidery patterns for the bag. For Dior’s Spring/Summer 2021 runway, the Book Tote got yet another refresh by taking on a leather spin. The craftsmanship on the new leather Book Tote is clear-cut. Intricate floral patterns are carved and embossed onto the bag’s leather façade. The new tote thus takes on a more romantic edge, whilst still maintaining its sturdiness and structure as a practical It-bag.

Sneak a peek at the entire Dior Book Tote Collection here.

Prada Cleo

Prada’s nylon bag takes on a reinvented leather take with the Prada Cleo bag. The Italian fashion house has given one of their most iconic bags a contemporary makeover. Crafted with sleek leather, the Prada Cleo features soft lines and a curved base for a versatile appearance.

Modern yet undeniably a classic, it’s a no-brainer that the charming silhouette generated buzz the minute it was introduced. Despite its relatively new introduction to the public, the bag has already been spotted ubiquitously on the arms (and shoulders) of celebrities and fashion leaders alike. With its easy and effortless design that will pair well with most outfits in your closet, the Prada Cleo is undisputedly a staple It-bag.

Purchase the Prada Cleo bag here.

Telfar Shopping Bag

5 coveted It-bags of 2020 that are both stylish and practical
Image: @telfarglobal

Arguably one of the most coveted bags of 2020, the popularity surrounding Telfar’s famous Shopping Bag hit its zenith this year. Dubbed the Bushwick Birkin, the bags have continuously sold out within minutes of their restock. Made from vegan leather, the Shopping Bag is overwhelmingly sought-after due to its practicality and affordability.

With its classic and timeless style, the It-bag was conceptualised with the idea that anyone and everyone can carry it. The fan-favourite bag has thus amassed a large following, which includes celebrities the likes of Oprah, Dua Lipa, and even popular American congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  

Due to the overwhelming demand, the best possible way to nab the Telfar Shopping Bag is to sign up for notifications on bag restocks on the Telfar website. It also doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes peeled on the brand’s social media, where they often drop hints for upcoming drops.