Here are five reasons you need a housekeeper now that you’re finally getting out of your house again:  


1.It’s SAFE (if you’ve got a real professional). 

A professional house cleaner or housekeeping service knows and takes every precaution they need to eliminate the risk of spread of illness (cough, COVID, cough). They have done it before and continue to do what’s necessary for our “new normal.” In fact, coming home to a thoroughly cleaned house that doesn’t have a spec of dirt and was cleaned by a pro is all but guaranteed to be cleaner and therefore more safe than if you’d done it yourself. 


2.They’ll be done before you’re back from work (or a leisurely happy hour). 

Housekeeping services generally carry out a quick and efficient cleaning routine. In other words, they have a system. It doesn’t matter whether their system is your system or another cleaner’s system. The output should be that they get more done, at a higher quality, and in less time than you ever could! Do you really get all the corners and nooks every time? 😉 Don’t worry—no one does. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to carry out basic tidying and clean-up SO much faster and effectively.  


3.You can start spending your free time doing something other than staring at a messy home (with Netflix on in the background). 

Now that we are able to spend our free time doing what we love with who we love, why shouldn’t we? There is no reason to spend a Saturday in your home cleaning, or staring at the mess thinking you should be cleaning when you could be outside enjoying the fresh air with family and friends. A housekeeping service eliminates that, coming in to do the exact same job you would do (or wouldn’t), only better.  


4.The cleaning supplies you bought in the pandemic only serve to mock you from their place on the shelf. 

Did you amass a collection of cleaning supplies during the pandemic? Chances are you no longer need them all. Time to purge and make space for what brings you joy! Not only that, you can stop buying many costly cleaning supplies altogether! With a cleaning service, you don’t need to provide the supplies (although you can if you prefer).  


5.Nothing gets ruined. 

When you clean your own things, you’re probably less delicate with them than a cleaning service is. You might not even know what chemicals to avoid to clean certain materials and items, such as wood furniture or flooring, fabrics, or vintage glass. A professional cleaning service is truly that: professional. It’s their job to know all the things so that you don’t have to, and can instead replace that research (or repair) time getting out again.


As we continue to assemble back into a sense of normalcy, housekeeping services should be at the top of your list. With FINALLY more available for you to do with your free time, use it to visit with family and friends and do things that you want to do. 

Housekeeping services seem expensive and excessive to some until you calculate the real value they serve: Your wellbeing and happiness. 


If you’re ready to get a housekeeper and finally get out of the house again, we’ve got you covered. See all that our services offer and get a quote to have your whole home cleaned now!