Did you know having a clean and organized home can significantly impact your mental and physical well-being?

Keeping your home clean and organized is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It helps reduce clutter and stress while improving your home’s aesthetic and organization. It also makes it easier to find things when you need them.

In this article, we will discuss 7 housekeeping rules that will help you maintain a clean and organized home.

Let’s get started.

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7 Good Housekeeping Rules for a Tidy Home

Here are 7 good housekeeping rules that will help you to clean your home perfectly.

Rule 1: Make a Schedule

A cleaning schedule is important to housekeeping rules because it helps you organize your home. A cleaning schedule will help you stay on top of tasks and keep your home looking its best. It also allows you to create a routine and stick to it, which can help you save time and energy.

Additionally, having a cleaning schedule can help you manage your budget more effectively, as you can plan for your supplies and any other cleaning needs in advance.

Tips for Creating a Cleaning Schedule That Works for You

When creating a cleaning schedule, breaking down your cleaning tasks into manageable chunks is important. This will help you focus on each task individually and ensure you are not overwhelmed. It is also important to be realistic with your schedule.

Make sure you schedule enough time to complete your tasks and give yourself a break in between. Additionally, planning for special occasions or extra deep cleaning tasks is important.

What Might a Cleaning Schedule Look Like?

A cleaning schedule may look different for everyone, depending on the size of your home, how often you need to clean, and how much time you have available.

Here are a few examples of what a cleaning schedule might look like:

  • Daily: Dust, vacuum, and mop all floors; wipe down the toilet seat and sink; clean bathroom mirror; take out the garbage
  • Weekly: Clean shower and bathtub; sweep and mop kitchen floor; wash bedding; empty refrigerator
  • Monthly: Clean and rearrange closets; deep clean carpets; dust ceiling fans and window sills; clean windows and window treatments
  • Seasonally: Change air filters; clean air ducts; deep clean oven and refrigerator; wax floors; clean out gutters and downspouts.

Rule 2: Declutter Regularly

Decluttering is important for keeping your home organized because it helps to reduce clutter and make it easier to find what you need.

Removing unnecessary and unwanted items from your home can create more space and make finding the items you need easier. Additionally, decluttering can help reduce stress and make keeping your home clean and organized easier.

Tips for Decluttering Effectively:

When decluttering your home, it is important to start sorting your items into categories. This will help you determine what items you need to keep and what items you can get rid of. It is also important to be realistic about what you need and use.

If you haven’t used an item in a while, you likely don’t need it and can get rid of it. Additionally, it is important to be mindful of your items and ensure they are organized and stored efficiently.

Areas of the Home That Tend to Accumulate Clutter and How to Declutter Them

Common areas of the home that tend to accumulate clutter include the kitchen, bedroom, and living room.

  • In the kitchen, going through your cabinets and drawers and removing expired items you no longer use is important. Additionally, organizing items in a way that makes sense is important.
  • In the bedroom, it is important to go through your clothes and remove anything you no longer wear. Additionally, you may want to invest in additional storage solutions to keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free.
  • In the living room, getting rid of any items you don’t need or use and investing in additional storage solutions to keep the area organized is important. Additionally, it is important to keep your books and magazines organized and out of sight.

Rule 3: Clean as You Go

The 3rd housekeeping rule is clean as you go. Cleaning as you go is important for keeping your home clean and tidy because it prevents messes from accumulating and taking over your space. When messes pile up, they become harder to clean and can even lead to health and safety issues.

Regular cleaning keeps your home looking and feeling better and helps reduce the time and effort needed to keep it in order.

The following tips can help you practice cleaning as you go in different areas of the home:

  • Kitchen: Wipe down counters and surfaces after you’re done cooking and put away all dishes. Empty the dishwasher or start a load of dishes every day. Sweep and mop the floors every few days.
  • Bathroom: Clean the sink, toilet, and shower after every use. Wipe down surfaces regularly and scrub the bathtub, tile, and grout once a week.
  • Living Room: Vacuum the carpets and upholstery weekly. Dust surfaces once a week. Clean windows and mirrors every few weeks.

Making cleaning as you go a habit takes practice and dedication. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Set a schedule: By setting a regular cleaning schedule, you can ensure that tasks are completed on time, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to clean.

Break it down: Breaking down your cleaning tasks into smaller chunks can make them less overwhelming and easier to tackle.

Reward yourself: Rewarding yourself for completing tasks can help you stay motivated and remind you why keeping your home clean and tidy is important.

Rule 4: Focus on High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas of the home are the areas that are used most often and are the most visible to guests and family members. Keeping these areas clean and organized is important for creating a pleasant atmosphere and ensuring guests and family members are comfortable.

It also sets a good example for everyone in the house. Additionally, keeping the rest of the home clean is much easier if the high-traffic areas are taken care of first.

Tips for identifying high-traffic areas in your home:

High-traffic areas of the home can vary depending on the layout and size of the home. Generally, the areas around the entrance, kitchen, living room, and bathrooms are the most commonly used.

Additionally, hallways and staircases are often considered high-traffic areas. You can also look around your home to identify other areas that may be used frequently, such as a home office or a playroom.

Rule 5: Use the Right Tools and Products

Using the right tools and products is essential for effective cleaning. The right tools and products make cleaning easier, faster, and more effective. The wrong tools and products can do more harm than good, leading to more time and money spent cleaning in the long run.

The right tools and products provide the necessary cleaning power to remove dirt, grime, and bacteria and protect surfaces from future damage.

Tips for choosing the right tools and products for different cleaning tasks:

When choosing the right tools and products for any cleaning task, consider the following tips:

  • Choose tools and products specifically designed for the task at hand. For instance, use kitchen-specific cleaners and sponges when cleaning a kitchen countertop.
  • Read the product’s label to ensure it suits your cleaning surface. Some products may be too harsh for certain surfaces, so ensure you use the right one.
  • Choose environmentally-friendly products that are safe for your family and pets.
  • Look for tools and products with antimicrobial properties to help prevent the spread of germs.
  • Invest in quality tools and products that will last. This will save you money in the long run.

Rule 6: Involve the Whole Family

Involving the whole family in housekeeping is important for keeping your home clean and organized because it helps to share the workload. Each family member can be assigned specific tasks and be held accountable for completing them.

This allows each person to take ownership of their contribution to the household, which can be a great motivator. Additionally, it can help keep the home tidy and organized since everyone knows the importance of keeping it presentable and maintained.

Tips for getting your family members involved in housekeeping:

  • Establish clear expectations for family members. Assign specific tasks to each person and ensure everyone understands their responsibilities.
  • Make housekeeping fun by turning it into a game. Set a timer and see who can complete their assigned tasks the fastest.
  • Create a chore chart to keep track of who is doing what.
  • Establish rewards for completing tasks. This can be in extra screen time or a special treat.
  • Allow everyone to have a say in how the house is kept. This can help to make it more enjoyable for everyone.
  • Involve the whole family in the decision-making process when buying new items or making changes to the home.

Rule 7: Keep Up with Maintenance

Keeping up with maintenance tasks is important for keeping your home in good condition. Regular maintenance will ensure that your home is a safe and comfortable place to live. It also prevents costly repairs and helps your home retain its value.

Regular maintenance can include checking and changing filters, inspecting appliances and fixtures, cleaning gutters, checking smoke detectors, and inspecting roofing and siding.

Tips for identifying and prioritizing maintenance tasks

Identifying and prioritizing maintenance tasks can be done by listing all the components of your home, such as the electrical system, plumbing, air conditioning, and heating.

You can then review each component and identify potential problems or areas needing addressing.

You can list the tasks that need to be done and prioritize them so that the most important tasks are taken care of first.

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In conclusion, following these 7 housekeeping rules can help you maintain a clean and organized home. Regular maintenance, decluttering, and cleaning as you go are just a few ways to keep your home tidy and reduce stress. Additionally, involving the whole family and using the right tools and products can make housekeeping more manageable.

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Friendly Asked Questions About 7 Good Housekeeping Rules

1. How often should I clean my house?

The frequency of cleaning your house depends on your lifestyle and preferences. However, doing basic cleaning tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces at least once a week is recommended.

2. How can I keep my house organized?

To keep your house organized, you should declutter regularly and find a place for everything. It’s also helpful to create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. Additionally, you can use storage solutions such as shelves, baskets, and hooks to keep things tidy.

3. How can I make cleaning more enjoyable?

To make cleaning more enjoyable, you can try playing your favorite music or podcast, rewarding yourself after completing a task, and involving your family members or roommates in the cleaning process.

4. How can I maintain a clean and organized home?

To maintain a clean and organized home, it’s important to stick to a cleaning and organizing routine. You can also hire a professional cleaning service like BUTLER Housekeeping in Singapore to help you maintain your home’s cleanliness and organization.

5. What services does BUTLER Housekeeping offer?

BUTLER Housekeeping offers a wide range of cleaning services, including regular house cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning and ironing, spring cleaning, and even office cleaning services.

6. How can I schedule an appointment with BUTLER Housekeeping?

You can schedule an appointment with BUTLER Housekeeping by visiting our website and contacting us via call or WhatsApp. A dedicated staff will contact you to discuss your cleaning needs and schedule a service.

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