Interested in finding some freelance work to boost your income but don’t know where to start?

Look no further.                                                                                               

In this article, we feature some of the best and most popular freelance sites in Singapore for you to easily look and apply for jobs; check them out below to see which suits you best. 


Upwork homepage

Image: Upwork

Upwork is arguably one of the most popular and best sites for freelancers. This website offers job seekers a robust database of job opportunities that are catered to a wide variety of skills.

One of the best things about the platform is its in-app communication tool that allows you to liaise and share files with your employer easily.


Fiverr homepage

Image: Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular freelance website where a host of job opportunities can be found.

It has a seemingly endless list of job offers that are being updated constantly, offering you the potential for great returns once you’ve established yourself on the platform.


Touted as one of the fastest growing freelance platforms in Singapore, is a local platform designed to connect freelancers with employers. 

A wide spectrum of jobs are available here, ranging from design-related opportunities to business solutions.

This easy-to-use platform makes it simple for you to register as a freelancer and accept jobs. Simply create an account, upload your portfolio or resume, and you are good to go. 



Image: CreativesAtWork

Unlike the conventional freelance platforms, CreativesAtWork (CAW) is a media agency with a curated pool of 1500 freelance media professionals.

As a freelancer who’s part of the CAW talent pool, you can expect to be part of a team working on a project, something that you cannot experience as a freelancer elsewhere.

To be part of their freelance network, you’ll need to undergo a stringent curation process that involves reference checks and job reviews.


99 Designs

Image: 99designs

If you’re a freelance designer looking for some job opportunities, then 99designs is the perfect platform for you. 

The jobs available on the platform cover different design disciplines such as packaging design and logo creation.



Image: Gigworks

Gigworks is a freelance marketplace for freelancers and employers to connect. Over on the platform, you can find various job postings requiring skills such as digital marketing, graphic design, accounting, and more.

This website is great for freelancers who are looking for a fuss-free way to join a freelance platform to reach out to potential employers.



Image: Cultjobs

Cultjobs has been around since 2007. On the site, you can find a wide selection of marketing and creative opportunities.

Applying for a freelance opportunity is relatively simple; all you need to do is to create a profile, fill up the relative details, apply for the job, and wait for a response.




Despite its name, INTERNSG is a job portal that features an extensive range of freelance positions. 

Unlike most platforms, you don’t have to make an account to apply for jobs. Simply scroll through the job portal, shortlist the listings that catch your eye, and apply for them.



Image: Bark

Bark is a global freelance platform that uses smart technology to match freelancers with employers. 

Finding a job that suits your skills and requirements is a breeze with a large database of jobs; you can expect to find listings from every imaginable industry.


10 Best websites in Singapore for finding freelance jobs

Image: LinkedIn

As one of the most popular websites around, this well-known job site requires no introduction.

On LinkedIn, you can find a huge selection of freelance jobs that you can readily apply for. All you need is a LinkedIn profile something that most professionals would have regardless of their fields.

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