A commercial cleaning company is a professional service provider that provides high-quality cleaning services for commercial spaces such as offices, factories, warehouses, and more. Commercial cleaning companies offer services like deep cleaning, carpet, window, and glass cleaning.

Hiring a reputable cleaning company ensures your commercial space is properly cleaned and maintained. A good commercial cleaning company will be able to provide you with quality services that are tailored to your specific needs, saving you time and money. They will also be able to provide you with a safe and healthy working environment for your staff and help maintain the value of your property.

In this article, we will discuss the common mistakes to avoid when hiring a commercial and office cleaning company. We will also introduce BUTLER Housekeeping, a leading provider of commercial cleaning services in Singapore. BUTLER Housekeeping offers comprehensive solutions for all your commercial cleaning needs, ensuring your property is always in top condition.

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5 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Services Company

1: Not Researching the Commercial cleaning Company’s Reputation

Researching a commercial cleaning company’s reputation is extremely important because it can indicate its level of professionalism, reliability, and customer service. A poor reputation can signify subpar services, unmet customer expectations, and potential legal issues.

For example, if a company has a poor reputation, it may not be properly licensed and insured, it may take longer than promised to complete tasks, it may not use the products they advertise, or it may have poor customer service. All of these issues can have a significant negative impact on your business.

To research a commercial cleaning company’s reputation, read online reviews, ask for references, and check the Better Business Bureau for any complaints. You should also research their website and social media accounts to ensure they provide up-to-date information.

Finally, you should contact the company directly and ask them questions about their services and policies. This will help you get a better understanding of the company and the services they provide.

2: Not Checking for Proper Licensing and Insurance

Checking for proper licensing and insurance of a commercial cleaning company is paramount. It is a way to protect yourself, your business, and the workers of the cleaning company. Having the proper licensing and insurance lets you know that the company is legally operating and has the appropriate coverage in an emergency.

Without the proper licensing and insurance, the cleaning company may not be operating legally, and their workers may not be covered in the event of an accident or injury.

If a commercial cleaning company does not have the proper licensing and insurance. In that case, many things can go wrong, including the company being fined for operating without a license, the company being unable to access certain buildings or locations legally, and the company’s workers not being insured in an accident or injury.

Additionally, the customer can be held liable for any damages or losses incurred due to the cleaning company’s negligence or lack of insurance. This can lead to costly legal fees and potential lawsuits.

3: Not Getting a Clear Understanding of Services and Pricing

It is important to clearly understand the services and pricing of a commercial cleaning company before signing a contract to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money and that the company is providing all of the services you need.

Without a clear understanding of the services and pricing, there may be confusion over what services are included in the package and the amount you are charged. This could result in an unexpected bill or services not being completed as agreed.

A clear understanding of a commercial cleaning company’s services and pricing includes researching the company before signing the contract, asking for a written contract that clearly outlines the services and prices, and asking for references from previous customers.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that all of the services you need are included in the package and that the pricing is within your budget. Finally, ensuring that the contract includes a dispute resolution clause outlining how any issues regarding services or pricing will be handled is important.

4: Not Asking About Employee Training and Background Checks

It is important to ask about a commercial cleaning company’s employee training and background checks before hiring them. Without knowing about the employees’ training and background, you could be putting yourself and your business at risk.

Untrained employees may be more likely to cause damage to your property or the people working in the business. Similarly, employees with a criminal record could harm you, your staff, and your customers.

Many things can go wrong if employees are not properly trained like:

  • Employees with a criminal record may be more likely to commit theft or other crimes while on the job.
  • Employees who are not properly trained may be less efficient, leading to longer completion times and higher costs.
  • Employees may not know how to properly use cleaning products, leading to damage to property or injuries to people in the building.

Tips for asking about employee training and background checks of the commercial cleaning company include:

  • Ask to see the company’s policy on employee safety and security.
  • Request information on the training the employees receive.
  • Ask for references from previous customers who have worked with the company.
  • Ask the company to provide proof of training and background checks for their employees.
  • Request proof of liability insurance in case of any accidents or damage caused by the employees.
  • Request to meet with the employees and ask about their background and experience.

5: Not Asking for References or Customer Testimonials

It is important to ask for references or customer testimonials of a commercial cleaning company before hiring them. This is because it can provide insight into the quality of their services and how satisfied their previous customers have been. Without this information, making an informed decision about the company’s services is difficult.

Many things can go wrong if a company does not provide references or customer testimonials, including:

  • Not getting value for money.
  • Receiving poor customer service.
  • Not getting the level of quality that was expected.

BUTLER Housekeeping’s Commercial Cleaning Services

BUTLER Housekeeping is a professional cleaning company in Singapore that offers high-quality commercial cleaning services to various businesses. Our approach to commercial cleaning Singapore is based on thoroughly understanding each client’s unique needs and preferences.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

The team at BUTLER Housekeeping believes in providing customized cleaning solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements.

Benefits of Working with BUTLER Housekeeping

BUTLER Housekeeping is committed to using eco-friendly, safe cleaning solutions for the environment, clients, and employees. We are responsible for minimizing their environmental impact using non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

In addition, we understand the importance of safety in commercial cleaning and take all necessary precautions to ensure that our daily office cleaning services do not pose any risk to the clients or their employees.

Customized cleaning plans to meet the specific needs and preferences of clients

BUTLER Housekeeping understands that every business has unique cleaning requirements, and therefore we offer customized commercial cleaning plans to meet each client’s specific needs and preferences. Our team of cleaning experts works closely with the clients to understand their cleaning needs and develop a tailored cleaning plan that addresses all their requirements.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

By providing customized cleaning plans, BUTLER Housekeeping ensures its clients receive a high-quality cleaning service that meets their expectations and exceeds their satisfaction.

Our office and commercial cleaning services include:

Office and Meeting Rooms:

  • We vacuum/sweep and mop all floor surfaces to maintain a hygienic workplace.
  • We provide general tidying/decluttering services to keep the office space organized.
  • Our team wipes all tables and accessible surfaces to ensure a clean work environment.


  • Weekly toilet mirror cleaning to keep mirrors clean.
  • General tidying/decluttering services to keep the washroom organized.
  • We take out trash and recycling to maintain a clean and clutter-free washroom.
  • We provide shower area cleaning services to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.
  • We sanitize toilet area surfaces by wiping, cleaning, and mopping to ensure a germ-free washroom.


  • We take out trash and recycle to keep the pantry clutter-free.
  • Our team washes cups and dishes to maintain a hygienic pantry.
  • We wipe all tables and accessible surfaces to ensure a clean and tidy pantry.
  • Our team provides general tidying/decluttering services to ensure a clean and organized pantry.
  • We restock and shelve items to ensure the pantry is fully stocked with the necessary supplies.

Extras (Upon Request):

  • Upholstery cleaning to keep office furniture looking fresh and new.
  • Carpet cleaning to maintain a clean and hygienic office environment.
  • Event planning services to ensure that your office events are a success.
  • We offer handyman and other M&E services to provide complete facilities management.
  • BUTLER Concierge™ Services to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.
  • Facilities management services to provide complete maintenance and management of the office space.
  • We offer vector disinfection services to ensure the workplace is free of harmful viruses or bacteria.
  • We provide toiletries and office supplies to ensure that the workplace is fully stocked with the necessary supplies.


Hiring a professional and experienced cleaning service like BUTLER Housekeeping will ensure your business is always clean, organized, and presentable. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and skill to provide high-quality services that exceed customer expectations.

We understand the importance of keeping your business clean and sanitized and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible cleaning services. With our competitive prices and excellent customer service, you can rest assured that your business will receive the best commercial cleaning services available in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a commercial cleaning company?

A commercial cleaning company provides cleaning services to businesses, offices, and other commercial spaces. These services may include daily, deep, carpet, and window cleaning.

2. Why should I hire a commercial cleaning company?

Hiring a commercial cleaning company can help you maintain a clean and professional workspace, increase employee productivity, and reduce the risk of illness or injury in the workplace. Additionally, outsourcing cleaning tasks can save time and money compared to hiring and managing in-house staff.

3. What should I look for when hiring a commercial cleaning company?

When hiring a commercial cleaning company, it’s important to look for a company with a good reputation, experience in the industry, proper licensing and insurance, transparent pricing, and customized cleaning plans tailored to your specific needs.

4. What types of commercial cleaning services does BUTLER Housekeeping provide?

We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services, including office and meeting room cleaning, washroom cleaning, pantry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, event planning, handyman and other M&E services, BUTLER Concierge Services, facilities management services, vector disinfection services, and toiletries and office supplies.

5. Do you provide additional services upon request?

Yes, we provide additional services upon request, including upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, event planning, handyman and other M&E services, BUTLER Concierge Services, facilities management services, vector disinfection services, and toiletries and office supplies.

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