Nothing quite comes close to that magical feeling of stepping into a patisserie.

A cursory glance at an elaborate array of carefully constructed pastries takes one right into dessert haven. With an indulgent bite, one savours the passion that underlies the beautiful intricacy of every treat.

Evoking this experience is the hallmark of any good patisserie. At these 5 patisseries,  you’ll find only the most beautiful and decadent desserts in Singapore.

Top 5 patisseries in Singapore

Find A Slice Of Heaven At These 5 Local Patisseries

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1. Mad about Sucre

Crowned Singapore’s best patisserie for 4 consecutive years, Mad About Sucre is actually a French patisserie, haute chocolatier and gourmet restaurant all rolled into one.

The patisserie’s reputation is only surpassed by its founder’s passion. Created by Singaporean chef Lena Chan, Lena had left her job and family to train at the esteemed Le Cordon Bleu, and even honed her skills at the world-renowned Sugarplum Cake Shop in Paris.

Mad About Sucre’s pastries are all certain to leave a delectable impression, but we recommend giving their signature Sam Domingue a try. A blend of dark chocolate, plantain, rum and Brittany chunk, this is one sweet treat not to miss.


Find A Slice Of Heaven At These 5 Local Patisseries

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2. Tarte by Cheryl Koh

Started by the Les Amis Group’s restaurant pastry chef Cheryl Koh, Tarte is a local favourite specializing in artisanal tarts.

Titled Asia’s Best Pastry Chef in the Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants Awards in 2015, Cheryl is an expert in pastries. Tarts may be more unassuming than other desserts, but her creations feature interesting flavour combinations that’ll be sure to get you coming back for more.

Tarte currently offers a limited selection for their delivery menu. Try their Pandan Coconut tart for a local spin, or savour their Rousillon apricot tart for a less conventional flavour.


Find A Slice Of Heaven At These 5 Local Patisseries

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3. Henri Charpentier

Japanese patisseries have long been recognized for their commitment to quality, and Henri Charpentier is no exception.

Established in 1969, Henri Charpentier is a stalwart in the patisserie scene. It remains highly innovative however, with its expansive selection of Franco-Japanese pastries.

Many signature desserts are often marked by flamboyance or luxury, but Henri Charpentier’s beloved classics are the unassuming Crepe Suzette and Financier. Visually modest, every bite invites you to take another.

Find A Slice Of Heaven At These 5 Local Patisseries

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4. Patisserie Platine

Sharing the same limelight as the opulent Waku Ghin, Patisserie Platine offers equally luxurious pastries at more accessible prices.

Established by Japanese celebrity chef Testsuya Wakuda and helmed by distinguished pasty chef Yasushi Ishino, Patisserie Platine serves an assortment of 18 petite cakes and desserts.

It’s easy to perceive Patisserie Platine as a mere appetizer leading up to Waku Ghin’s main course. But take note that its selection of cakes and desserts is exclusive – you will not find any of them on Waku Ghin’s menu.

Patisserie Platine’s sweet treats pack an impressive range of flavours. Be sure to try their signature Ghin Cheescake – unconventionally dome-shaped, it pairs crisp tart with refreshing lemon curd exceedingly well.

Find A Slice Of Heaven At These 5 Local Patisseries

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5. Wu Pao Chun Bakery

Looks like Bubble Tea isn’t the only local craze to originate from Taiwan.

Founded by Taiwanese master baker and winner of the Les Masters de la Boulangerie Championship Wu Pao Chun, the eponymous bakery represents his best creations to date.

Pastries do have a spot in Wu Pao Chun Bakery’s selection, but its forte is in its unique bread. Their Red Wine Longan bread features fresh longan smoked over 6 days and wheat dough infused with red wine and walnuts.

Another popular offering is their Lychee Rose Royal, a balanced blend of Taiwanese lychee wine, actual black-leaf lychee and rose petals.

Enjoy these sweet treats conveniently

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