Noticed how your space gets all dusty again just mere days after spring cleaning? We grasp how frustrating it gets, especially if you have been looking forward to getting a good rest in your abode after a long day at work — only to find dust mites all around.

Undeniably, if you’re only home after 7 pm daily, it’s practically inconsiderate of you to start vacuuming and disturbing the peace of both your family and neighbours. Whilst it’s impossible to get rid of dust mites entirely, we have gathered some tips on how you could reduce the build-up of dust mites without using a vacuum cleaner. One thing’s for sure, don’t wait till the dust mites pile up before you get your hands into cleaning.


Grab a damp mop-rag

Here's how to get rid of dust mites without a vacuum cleaner

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Whilst grabbing wet wipes may seem like the easy way out, we aren’t into the idea of throwing them out after each cleaning session. Hence, we suggest picking out an old rag and dipping it into a bucket of warm water to wipe down the dust mites off your photo frames, shelves as well as mini displays.

As for your flooring, dipping the mop into a hot-water detergent solution would be the most efficient; do ensure you get one suited for your home flooring be it vinyl, tiles, laminate or hardwood.

Why a damp cloth: Essentially, a dry cloth will simply stir up allergens and spread dust all around the house. Plus, I guess we’re all trained to wet our rags before cleaning; thus, this method probably has created magic all the time.


Keep the house aired-out

Here's how to get rid of dust mites without a vacuum cleaner

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Scientifically, dust mites breed better in high humidity, or shall we say ideally in an environment similar to Singapore’s. On average, Singapore’s daily humidity could reach up to 80 percent, making it a dust mite’s playground. To prevent this from occurring, it’s best to keep your abode’s humidity to approximately 50 percent and below.

Apart from over-relying on air conditioners, getting a humidifier would do the trick as well. But, if those are out of your budget, going au’ natural would be the best solution. In this case, airing out the house would involve turning on the fans (standing/ceiling fans), opening the doors and not forgetting, cranking out the windows.


The trusty feather duster

Here's how to get rid of dust mites without a vacuum cleaner

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Recall how our moms would always dust off top shelves and small corners with feather dusters? Whilst it’s unfortunate that many of the more recent generations don’t quite fancy them, it’s always considered the most efficient way to get a room dust-free. It has also evolved from the legendary brown feathers to the fancy and colourfully-designed ones currently on the market. The best part is, most stores sell them for under $2, so it’s the cheapest alternative to a vacuum cleaner.

The downside of a feather duster: Despite it being a great solution for dusty surfaces, the dust particles will eventually drop onto the ground; thus, you may need to do a final sweep or mop before achieving a sparkling clean room.


Spray your home with disinfecting spray

Here's how to get rid of dust mites without a vacuum cleaner

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Whilst it may seem that dusting off and wiping away all the dust mites would be adequate, we figured it’s best we play it safe by disinfecting the whole space. If your family members are prone to skin rash or dust allergies, we especially recommend getting a disinfecting spray that is ensured to completely eliminate the health hazards in your home.

There are certainly various types of disinfectant sprays in the market, such as brands including Dettol and Walch, but do look out for the ones labelled with “99.9% kills germs”. As we mentioned, you can’t eliminate the dust mites entirely, so perhaps spraying some disinfectants can help in one way or another.


Make minor changes to your home

Here's how to get rid of dust mites without a vacuum cleaner

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First on the list, carpets. If you are especially fond of having wall-t0-wall carpets, those undeniably are the easiest home textile to trap dust mites. Unless you’re able to air out or lint-roll them daily, we suggest removing them entirely or perhaps switching to a smaller carpet.

Apart from that, we propose replacing dust-collecting fabrics such as curtains with blinds instead. Not only do curtains take a substantial amount of time to be thoroughly clean, but they also accumulate a large amount of dust that is, of course, hidden to the human eye. Having blinds installed allows you to easily clean off the dust with wet wipes or damped rags — just a quick swipe and you’re good to go.


Here's how to get rid of dust mites without a vacuum cleaner

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Finally, it feels like our mothers have been right all this while about decluttering. We get how some things hold sentimental value, but perhaps storing items that are stashed in a corner into a box instead would be the better alternative compared to them getting all dusty. Apart from de-stashing items, do also reduce the number of things you put on display (e.g. books, decorative pillows, frames and ornaments). This is simply to say, living the minimalist life isn’t as bad as we thought after all.


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