Ever stepped into a 5-star suite and wondered, why do hotel rooms feel so comfortable? Nothing feels as luxurious as a good night’s sleep in a luxurious room, but beyond the firm mattresses and soft fluffy pillows lies an intricately curated experience for the senses.

Luxury begins with comfort, and comfort is all around you in a high-end hotel room. What makes hotel rooms so comfortable that guests always leave with reluctance, and how can you have the same experience at home? Read on to find out.

Luxury Design

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1. Visual comfort  

Understanding the science of pleasure in hotel rooms starts with the visual experience. When a hotel guest first opens the room, what catches his or her eye first is the layout and décor of the room. Putting together a great view is important in making guests feel comfortable.

Some hotels have the advantage of great panoramas or famous paintings that give their rooms an exclusive edge. Others make use of complementary color palettes to create visual comfort. You might have also noticed how some hotels add more pillows in the bedroom. Pillows are often associated with comfort, and visually it invites guests to snuggle in for a great night’s rest.

Those are the “hard” elements of visual comfort. Then there are the “soft” techniques that create visual illusions that subtly trick the mind.

One such trick is the use of hospital corners with beds. When bedsheets flow in excess, we often just push them under the mattress as much as we can or leave them clumped up in the corners. With hospital corners, even a simple mattress can look like a precisely tucked present you’d want to unwrap in your sleep.

Secrets Design

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2. Feeling comfort with every touch

Our skin covers the entirety of our bodies, and it’s the primary canvas that hotels work with to provide their guests with an unforgettably soothing stay.

The best hotel rooms provide comfort with everything that guests come into contact with. From upscale hybrid mattresses and quality bedsheets, to premium bodywashes and high-end bath fittings, every interaction is designed to please.

Getting guests comfy with every touch starts with quality hybrid mattresses that typically feature standard or custom combinations of quality latex and memory foam. While experience varies from guest to guest, it’s often agreed that memory foam beds tend to be more comfortable as they distribute a person’s weight evenly, reducing any potential pressure points on the body.

Some hotels use their own proprietary mattresses like Marriott, but others – Fairmont Hotels and Resorts  and W Hotels for example – use high-quality mattresses that are readily available to consumers like Sealy Posturepedic and Simmons Bedding Company.

The feel of a great mattress is accentuated by premium cotton sheets with a high thread count of at least 250. These sheets warp and wash better than average ones, and have a silky, glossy feel. Together with comfortable sleep experience, hotels also provide towels and linen that are often thicker and fluffier than the sort we have back home.

But it’s not just about buying a whole inventory of premium bedroom and bathroom fittings to pamper guests though. A bigger part of how hotel rooms convey comfort with every touch is also because of highly stringent, carefully monitored cleaning and caring techniques. For example, the kind of detergent used to wash fabrics is strictly controlled by hotel owners because the pH level of detergents can either preserve or destroy fabrics.

Hotel secrets revealed

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3. The smell of comfort

And then there’s also pleasure in smell. It’s scientifically proven that certain scents can not only affect moods and productivity, but also invoke memories and trigger emotions.

You might have noticed how many high-end hotels have a curious fragrance not only in the rooms, but in the lobby as well. That’s because these hotels often use industrial-grade HVAC diffusers – large attachments paired with heating and air-conditioning systems to evenly blast nanoparticles of scents within a building.

In other hotels, it could also be the type of cleaning solution they use. Some hotels use proprietary floor washes that add a subtle fragrance that lingers for a while.

But not everything is exclusive or too large for home owners to consider. Part of how hotels convey comfort through smell comes from smart cleaning techniques. For example, loading a washing machine to only 80% of its capacity and using cold water with a fraction of white vinegar can not only keep washed fabrics cleaner but also leave them with a crisp smell.

Smart cleaning techniques

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4. Hearing comfort

The sensory experience wouldn’t be complete without an auditory touch. Different music clearly appeals to different tastes, but different music can also uplift the mood at different times of the day.

We’ve covered this last, but good music actually matters a lot to hotel guests. So much in fact, that 61% of hotel guests are more likely to eat and drink when they hear music they like in a hotel!

Not all hotel rooms come with audio, but if you are lucky to come across one you’d often find classical or jazz music being played. In other hotels, a funky, fun beat might be played instead to evoke a sense of playfulness and casualness.

Creating a soothing auditory experience is something you can do too. All you have to do is curate a playlist of suitable songs and have it play in the background every day.

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