Fancy a staycation in another part of the world for a short getaway this coming weekend? Wish to engage exquisite limousine services to fetch you to town in style? Or are you looking to employ a butler to help you run your errands?

In today’s increasingly hectic, productivity-obsessed world, an all-too-familiar complaint of working professionals is their lack of personal time – time for a quick overseas getaway over the weekend or a meal at one of Singapore’s highly raved luxury restaurants.

In this article, we take a look at the advantages of hiring a lifestyle manager to help you elevate your lifestyle, as well as give you a thorough introduction to the main features of BUTLER’s butler service.

Butler service in Singapore

The advantages of Hiring a Lifestyle Manager like BUTLER

  • You get to spend more time on things that matter most to you.

Living the perfect lifestyle can take quite a bit of planning, reserving, processing … and so on. A lifestyle manager takes care of all of that prep work. That luxurious restaurant with limited seats? Leave it to your lifestyle manager. Exclusive access to a beachfront resort in an exotic country? He or she will have that covered too.

With these details settled, you can then dedicate your time and energy to the important events in your life and rest assured knowing that everything has been settled.

  • You get curated experiences that make the good life better 

Great lifestyle managers aren’t just errand boys and girls — they are subject matter experts on all things related to good living. If you’re always walking around looking like a fashion disaster, out of touch with the latest lifestyle trends and looking for a trusted review on consumer devices, a lifestyle manager can be a great go-to.

  • Get the biggest bang for your buck

With their extensive industry network and knowledge of how to secure the best deals, a lifestyle manager can help you to get the biggest bang for your buck by helping you to net a reservation for that hotel or restaurant that you have always been yearning to visit using the cheapest booking platform.

  • Increased happiness 

When you get a lifestyle manager, you’re essentially investing in more free time. And what’s more valuable than money? Time itself.

And nothing makes people happier than spending money to buy themselves more free time.  Science says that by hiring out unwanted tasks on your to-do list, you actually feel more satisfied with your quality of life. We’re already doing this in some ways. Getting others to get us food with Foodpanda and Deliveroo, getting others to drive us around with Grab, getting others to queue up in place for us with WhyQ … and so on. With a lifestyle manager, it’s the same thing.

Get a lifestyle manager. Get more free time. Start feeling happier about life. It’s that easy.

Round-the-clock butler service

Features of BUTLER’s Butler Service

Need to make a sudden trip to town in the middle of the night? Our butlers are able to accommodate any request that you may have at any time of the day, if you choose to employ our butler services on a 24-hour rotating shift basis. Be it running simple errands such as making a restaurant reservation or more complicated tasks like organising a birthday party, our butlers have no troubles rising up to any occasion, providing you with much-needed assistance as and when you require it.

  • Reliable butlers plan your schedule for you in advance

With a keen eye for detail, our butlers are able to help you to plan and keep track of your personal schedule, just as a personal assistant would do for you at work.

Our butlers are also trained to possess a good grasp of your personal preferences like the back of their hands to ensure a tailor-made butler experience customised to your preferences. From the size of your shirt to any food allergies that you may have, our reliable butlers help you to make arrangements that suit you best.

  • Extensive network makes things effortless

Craving for a short family trip to a neighbouring country over the weekend? Our butlers can help you to make flight and hotel arrangements faster than ever before.

Possessing extensive networks with some of the region’s premier hotels and food establishments, count on our butlers to help you snag that sweet reservation you have been eyeing for that particular hotel or restaurant.

Should you need a luxury limousine ride to town or a  yacht experience on sea, out butlers can also make it happen for you.

We know it can be exhausting monitoring your financial assets all the time, and in economic downturns you might not know whether to buy or sell.

Need sound investment advice or someone to manage your financial portfolio? Some of our top butlers possess extensive investment experience and can help you reap the highest returns on your investments in the long run.

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Elevate your lifestyle today the BUTLER way

We believe in delivering only the best service to our clients, and that’s why our butlers are more than just your average lifestyle manager.

All of our butlers are trained to the highest standards and have access to an exclusive network of F&B options, travel partners and many more to take the good life to the next level. Our butlers are also trained in asset management, and go the extra mile to meet and exceed every expectation.

With an extensive suite of lifestyle services that are customised to your every need, look no further than BUTLER if you wish to engage our BUTLER Servicecontact us today to find out more and to request for a quotation!


BUTLER is a hospitality and property management service company that strives to free up time and provide greater convenience to individuals and businesses through a complete range of property and lifestyle services.

At BUTLER, we are driven to serve with excellence.