Feeling a little suffocated at home lately? Especially with all the home workouts, working-from-home and trying out new recipes, it’s no surprise if your abode smells a little unpleasant and musky. 

Breathing in unfresh air takes a toll on your health, and according to a behavioural therapist, it affects your mood and increases your stress levels. 

Ready to make your home smell fresh all day? Check out these items you could buy!


Item 1: Air Fresheners

How to keep your home smell fresh all-day

Air Fresheners come in various scents and suited for each room. 


Air Fresheners have always been the “cheat-sheet” to making your living space smell good almost instantly. Just a quick spray and your room’s smelling from ‘eww’ to ‘ahhh’. 

With over a gazillion range of scents, these are the most readily available product you could purchase off the racks at your nearest convenience store and supermarkets at a relatively affordable price. 

An added advantage, air fresheners do come in an automatic spray bottle which you could hang around your home and would spray off the scent every few minutes. That’s an extra minute on your work-desk to catch up on your deadlines. 

Recommended for: bathroom and kitchen


Item 2: Scented Candles

Apart from candles just being used for your home birthday celebrations, candles are an excellent way to keep your home soothing and cosy for you to live in. By that, we certainly meant the scented candles! 

Simply use a lighter, light it up and let the wax do the job! You could purchase various scents for each of your rooms following your preferences.  

Note: We do not recommend using candles if you have young children in your household since the fire is exposed.

Recommended for: bedrooms  

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Item 3: Diffusers

How to keep your home smell fresh all-day

Diffusers are sold in various shapes and sizes, so it’s perfect for even the tiniest corner in your home. 


Diffusers come in both reeds (stick) as well as a device form. The main difference between them both is that the reeds do not require the use of electricity. The reeds are inserted into a bottle of fragrant oil which then naturally releases the scent over time.

That being said, reed diffusers only last for three months so it might not be wallet-friendly to some. 

As for the device form, simply add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil and turn it on. 

Note: make sure you clean off the oil in your device after every use, or you’ll risk staining the water container and contaminating various scents together. 

Recommended for: bedrooms, study room and living room


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 Item 4: Humidifiers

As compared to diffusers, humidifiers function merely with water. It then condenses and spreads water droplets in the air, which in turn keeps the air cool and fresh similar to that of morning dew. 

Especially if you have family members with sensitive noses or breathing difficulties, this is a perfect choice! 

To note: humidifiers and diffusers will turn off on their own once the water runs out, so you save electricity. Both devices last up to 8hours depending on the size of your device.

Recommended for: kids playroom, bedrooms, study rooms.


Item 5: Plants

How to keep your home smell fresh all-day

Adding that little green touch to your home decor. 


With Singapore being summer all year round, we tend to turn on the air-conditioner more often. 

But did you know that plants are the most fantastic energy-efficient alternative? Not only would plants make the room feel more relaxed, but it also helps to flush out toxins you unknowingly breathe in at home. 

Plants suitable for your home:

  • Ficus Benjamina
  • Golden Pothos
  • Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Side note: Plants also keep your home looking more aesthetic and less cluttered. 

Recommended for: living room, study rooms, balcony

Now that we have this list of items provided for you, it’s time to get shopping! Here’s to a refreshing and relaxing day at home all day!

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