You are still actively using your brainpower when working from home (WFH), but your body might not be getting the exercise it needs. On top of taking frequent trips to the fridge for a snack, you’re also most likely plopped on the couch with your laptop for an extended period of time. Whilst it can be tempting to laze around, doing adequate exercise is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With the convenience of being in your own home, squeezing out some time for exercise can be easy. Whether it is in the early hours of the morning before work duties beckon, during lunch or after work, you can keep fit with these 10-minute workouts that are quick and simple.


10-Minute Pilates-Ab Workout (Blogilates)

If Netflix has been taking up all your free time after work, you’ll have no excuse to skip exercising with this 10-minute pilates-ab workout that allows you to sit down and watch an episode.

Don’t be fooled by this 10-minute routine; it is filled with a variety of quick but effective moves that can pack a punch. And whilst the majority of actions involve a ton of leg lifting, you will certainly be working those arms and most importantly, abs. The repetitions follow a standard pace, but can sometimes be slowed down to get those abs working.

However, since the workout is done with music and can be hard to remember, you might be paying more attention to the video for guidance. We recommend picking a film or episode that you have already seen, so you can still enjoy Netflix even when multi-tasking.

A tip: For the workout to be effective, make sure to keep your back straightened (even when leaning back) and your core tightened. It is also important to get your muscles stretched out beforehand with a quick warm-up and wind down post-workout.


10-Minute Morning Stretch (Joanna Soh) 

Now that you don’t have to look presentable or spend time commuting for work, completing a 10-minute morning stretch seems more feasible. Not only does doing so encourage better posture and increase flexibility, but it also gives you a more rejuvenated start to the day.

Even if you’re still feeling sleepy when pulling out your yoga mat, the series of exercises involving planks, the downward dog, child’s pose and more will be sure to get you energised. Each exercise is done repeatedly for one minute, and different parts of the routine provide benefits like stretching out your hamstrings, lengthening your body and loosening your calf muscles.

Perhaps when you’ve become more accustomed to the moves, you can easily execute them on your own without Joanna’s guidance. If you’re up for a more intense routine to start the day pumped up, try her 8-minute morning workout.

A tip: For a proper stretch, Joanna recommends reaching as far as you can whilst avoiding over-working your muscles. To see improvements, it is advised to do your morning stretch every day.


Yoga For Focus & Productivity (Yoga with Adriene) 

Whilst it is important to keep your body active, practicing yoga is a good way to not only move your muscles but also calm your mind. If you often find yourself feeling dull and unable to concentrate at work, you might want to give this 10-minute yoga session for focus and productivity a try.

Even if you’re a beginner, this routine is fairly simple to follow; after a few practices, you’ll no doubt be more familiarised with the moves. You can expect poses like the downward dog and forward fold, and also learn how to connect with your breathing. The routine is supposed to help reduce stress, soothe the nerves and move circulation which can help you focus and be more productive at work.

Along with the guide of Adriene’s soothing voice, this calming yoga routine is a quick way to recharge before getting to your work again.

A tip: Remember to breathe along with Adriene as you follow the routine and avoid rushing the moves.


High School Musical Dance Workout (Kyra Provost)

Even if you can’t seem to find the motivation to exercise, this High School Musical (HSM) dance workout is too infectious to keep still. Working out is always more enjoyable with music, and this 10-minute session can also be a quick mood-booster.

Get ready to groove to hits “We’re All in This Together”, “Get’cha Head in The Game” and “Breaking Free”, which we’re sure all fans HSM will be no strangers to. On top of familiar dance moves and actions as seen from the movie, you can also expect a whole-body cardio workout with squats, arm lifts, leg lunges and more.

And since there is a ton of jumping and kicking amongst other feet movement, we recommend putting on a pair of workout shoes to ease the impact on your knees and feet.

A tip: Since this is a pretty intense dance workout, it is important to do a quick warm-up beforehand so that you avoid pulling or straining any muscles.

Feature image from Unsplash