As much as you enjoy the company of your cuddly and furry pets at home, we’re sure that you dread needing to clean after them.

Be it needing to lint roll their fur off your clothes or mop the floor after their messy business, don’t let this put you off from pouring tender-loving care towards them. With that, we’ve created handy hacks for you to keep your home clean even with your tiny pals around. 


Have an emergency cleaner

Accidents happen when you least expect it, instead of scrambling to find napkins or a bottle of degreaser, here’s an emergency cleaner you could prepare beforehand. 

In a clean spray bottle, fill it up with a cup of water before adding in a cup of white vinegar and two teaspoons of baking soda. Following that, give it a fair shake, and you’re good to go! 

Not only is this home-made solution the cheapest alternative to pre-made ones, but since no chemicals have been used, this makes it even more pet-friendly. 


Lint roller 

Lint rollers are a must-have in each household, especially when you have furry house-mates around. A quick lint roll could save the hassle of continually needing to brush off the fur stuck on your outfit whilst on your way to work.

An alternative to lint rolls would be a pair of latex gloves. Simply put on a glove and rub it along your items to get rid of your pet’s fur.


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Shaving Cream

Making your home pet-friendly

Doubling up as a cream for shaving and cleaning the house, that’s a money saver indeed! 


Yes, that’s right, we are referring to the shaving cream in your bathrooms! Instead of spending tons of money hoping for a miracle to get rid of tough stains, shaving cream is the best solution of all time.

While we appreciate having toilet-trained pets around, accidents do happen occasionally. Even after a thorough cleaning, the particular stain remains practically impossible to get rid of. The trick is to simply spray a little shaving cream onto the stain and let it foam for an hour. 

Tip: Do ensure you blot the cream down, so it sinks in. After leaving it for a while, the stain should be loose enough for you to wipe it away with a warm cloth or give it a quick brush and it’ll be good as new!


Have doormats in front of each door

Making your home pet-friendly

Doormats are readily available off the shelves and sold in various shapes and sizes.

By placing a small doormat at the front of each door, these would help to catch any dirt or excess water your pet may drag into your home or room. 

Moreover, if your pets are allowed to loiter outdoors, having a mat by the main door would be the best purchase you’d ever make. A little paw dance on the mat would undoubtedly get rid of all the mud stains your pets might have stepped on. 

We recommend adding tiny mats to your pet’s favourite lounge spots too, just to be safe!


Vacuum Cleaners

Making your home pet-friendly

With automatic vacuum cleaners, this could give you extra time cuddling with your fur pals.


It will take you ages to sweep up all the curled up fur balls lying around the house. 

Therefore, we recommend getting a vacuum cleaner but do ensure it is capable of picking up pet fur effectively and comes with a good filter that is easy to empty. Ideally, it would be great to have a vacuum that is as quiet as possible to minimise stress on your pets.


Keep your pet’s things and bedding clean.

Making your home pet-friendly

Having clean bedding also helps provide a comfortable naptime for your pets.


With the ongoing pandemic, it’s essential that you keep your pet’s things and bedding clean. 

This includes regularly cleaning out your pet’s cage and litter box. Dirty cages will not only create unwanted stench, but this could eventually lead to health-related problems when your pets lounge in unhygienic spaces. 

Do ask your pet store for recommendations on high-quality and absorbent bedding material to minimise any odour. In return, this could help save the trouble of needing to clean as often too.

Not forgetting, do frequently sanitise your pet’s toys and items as well.


Psst! We know you are tired needing to clean after them, but we do hope these quick hacks would mean more cuddly moments with your furry pals and less nagging sessions in the future. 


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