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Butler In Suits – The Future of Home Automation is Here
Singapore’s first Smart Home Management service

SINGAPORE, 15 June 2017 – Who would have thought that smart and convenient home
management services would be available today? This is the exactly what Butler In Suits now
offers to busy working professionals in Singapore. The first of its kind, Butler In Suits is a
revolutionary smart home management service offering the following features:
● Smart Home Management with Robots and Aromatherapy
● Trustworthy and professional home managers
● Automated grocery shopping and laundry
● Ease of payment with a single monthly invoice (prepaid subscription and
postpaid services)
An Elevated Lifestyle with Butler In Suits
“Working professionals today are busier than ever. To address this issue, Butler In Suits was
started as a smart home management service, that automates homeowners’ apartment
cleaning, laundry, and groceries every week. Butler In Suits delivers a luxury lifestyle experience
to subscribers by providing them the time to do the things they love, time which would
otherwise have been spent on household chores,” shared Poon Da Qian, CEO of Butler In Suits.
To achieve his vision, Poon has left no stone unturned. He curated the best experiences from
over 200 luxury hotels and serviced apartments in Asia to bring about the Butler In Suits
experience for homeowners who subscribe to Butler In Suits. Being a serial entrepreneur, Poon
uses his 9 years of experience in the hospitality industry to deliver a smart service that
addresses working professionals’ needs and takes care of the overall home management for the
A Smart Home Management Service for Every Singaporean
By integrating technology with the concept of luxury hotels and serviced apartments, Butler In
Suits provides smart home management as a subscription service for Singaporeans to manage
their homes automatically. Furthermore, prices are kept at a fraction of the cost of employing
traditional helpers.

Convenience and efficiency are improved with IoT devices such as smart robotic vacuums and
window-cleaners. These devices are leased to the subscribers and is scheduled to run every
day, helping them to automate the cleaning process. Subscribers are also able to order
groceries and laundry services via Butler In Suit’s chatbot, which will be delivered on the next
visit. Most importantly, Butler In Suits goes the extra mile to secure their subscribers’ trust by
assuring them with a $1 million home insurance coverage during the home managers’ visits.
Furthermore, beyond a middle-man for cleaning or household services, Butler In Suits is
introducing professional home managers to every home. These full-time home managers are
specially dedicated to the homes they are assigned to. They are groomed to take pride in
creating experience and time saving for homeowners.
To guarantee the highest service quality, home managers are trained rigorously for 3 weeks
before they are entrusted with managing residences. Home managers also meet up with every
prospective customer to understand the unique needs and preferences of each household.
Poon believes that this is key to building a trustworthy relationship with clients, as well as
keeping up high standards for each home.
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About Butler In Suits
Butler In Suits is a subscription-based smart home management service that automates
subscribers’ apartment cleaning, laundry, and groceries every week. With a vision of elevating
the lifestyle of homeowners in Singapore, Butler in Suits seeks to free up time through smart
and convenient home management.
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