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World’s first hospitality service for apartments


  • ButlerInSuits won first place in Asia Startup Summit 2018 on September 7, 2018
  • The conference, held in Pangyo, Korea, drew participants from 8 different Asian countries 
  • The Asian startup market is rapidly growing, with expectations of increased investments from governments and VCs.


Singapore; September 7, 2018: ButlerInSuits, Singapore’s hospitality service company, came first place in ASSUM 2018 (Asia Startup Summit), held in Pangyo, South Korea. The conference, which took place from September 5th until the 7th of 2018, sought to develop methods of growing the startup ecosystem of the participating countries while building a network amongst the startups. 


Thirteen startups and a number of venture capitals from eight Asian countries (South Korea, China, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand) participated in the conference’s panels discussing the Asian startup ecosystem’s current status, investment, and education, among many topics. The conference ended with the Startup Battle, a competition designed to discover startups with high potentials to help their expansion in the Asian market. First place went to ButlerInSuits, and second place went to Inner Bottle from South Korea and Geek Hunter from Indonesia. The rankings were given based on the criteria of successfulness of business model, contribution to the society, and the expertise of team members.


ButlerInSuits offers housekeeping, property management, and concierge services. The subscription-based program (starting at $330/month) brings hotel experience to the customers’ homes, while providing its employees with a rewarding career and competitive compensation. Once subscribed, customers can simply email or call ButlerInSuits to take care of their daily chores such as booking flights, renovating the kitchen, shopping for a coveted limited-edition item, and fixing aircon, and others. These new services provide a solution to the increasingly busy lives of millennials by freeing up their time.


More information on our new hospitality service can be found on our blog post: and photos from ASSUM 2018 can be found here: 


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Home is for living. ButlerInSuits takes care of everything else. We are a hospitality service company that provides daily housekeeping, property management, and concierge services, so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. For more tips on how we bring magic to your life, visit: or