Feeling lazy all cooped up at home and have boring household chores to deal with?

Simply switch things up by transforming your chores into an all-out workout.

And you don’t even need to go to extremes to burn some calories.

With a slight twist, everyday chores can set you on the right path to body-perfect fitness.

So, turn on your workout music and get stretching – here’s a list of power chore exercises to help you stay in shape.


Work out a sweat with these 5 house cleaning workouts


1. Vacuuming


Stay fit at home with these great house cleaning workouts

(image credit: Professional Surface Restoration) Start your house cleaning workout with vacuuming.


Most vacuum cleaners are heavy and difficult to lug around.

Just the act of moving them around does take some effort. But there’re more ways to get even more calories burnt out of this.

Instead of dragging them around the house, consider lifting them up with one hand and vacuuming with the other for a more intense experience.

Also, instead of going around furniture like you always do, consider moving furniture out of the way.

Not only will you work your body harder, you’ll also clean spots often neglected in your daily house cleaning routine.


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2. Dusting


Stay fit at home with these great house cleaning workouts

(image credit: HGTV) Stretch out and get moving when you dust tight corners of your ceiling. 


Another great house cleaning workout is the simple act of dusting.

What’s great about dusting is that it gets you to stretch and bend your limbs.

That’s especially rare, given you’re likely to not move around when working at home.

For a more intense dusting workout, try this:

  • Dust with one hand
  • Keep the other lifted up
  • Contract your abdominals while doing so
  • Switch between left and right

To move things up a notch further, consider reaching out to dusty spots on walls or ceilings.

Getting up and down the chair is also a form of anaerobic exercise that’s great for the body. Watch your balance though!


3. Mopping


Stay fit at home with these great house cleaning workouts

(image credit: Martha Stewart)  Forget the mop – get down on all fours and start scrubbing! 


If vacuuming alone doesn’t really cut it for you, a round of mopping, four-limbs-to-the-ground style ought to do it.

Instead of standing up and mopping as you always do, get down on your hands and knees and scrub hard with a cleaning cloth instead.

A word of caution: be careful not to strain your back when doing so. Always watch your stance and minimise stress on your back.


4. Cleaning curtains and blinds


Stay fit at home with these great house cleaning workouts

(image credit: Reward Laundry) Cleaning curtains can be quite the chore – and the workout. 


Just like dusting, cleaning your curtains and blinds also involves quite a bit of up-and-down motion as you get on and off chairs or ladders.

Consider also stretching out to clean curtains and blinds – this simple act can help tone your arm muscles in the long run.


5. Gardening


Stay fit at home with these great house cleaning workouts

(image credit: Good Housekeeping) Gardening involves a lot of high-intensity activities like digging and hoeing. 


A garden or lawn at home is excellent for great house cleaning workouts.

Simple gardening often involves activities like hoeing, planting, removing weeds and digging – all of which burn lots of calories, especially if done manually.

Among them, digging is often recognized as a high-intensity gardening activity.

For a rewarding workout experience tending to your garden/lawn, try the following:

  • Lift and carry bags of mulch or fertilizer without the use of a wheelbarrow
  • Use manual shears and mowers instead of a powered lawn mower.


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