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This guide will contain a list of benefits of subscribing to a vector disinfecting service and the hallmarks of a professional disinfecting service to look out for should you wish to subscribe to one in Singapore. 

With the arrival of the novel coronavirus, Covid-19, to Singapore’s shores, there has been a corresponding increase in the demand for vector disinfecting services by schools, companies and owners of private residences in Singapore. It is not difficult to understand why the local demand for such services has been on the rise given the shocking scientific reports of Covid-19 living on surfaces such as plastic, glass and metal for up to a lengthy nine days. From DBS’ evacuation of all its 300 employees from its head office to Victoria Junior College’s thorough disinfection of the school compound after one of its teachers contracted Covid-19, it appears that staying safe may be better than sorry during this highly uncertain period. 

What is Vector Disinfection? 

Subscribing to a Vector Disinfecting Service in Singapore

A worker carrying out fumigation to disinfect the grilles of a metal gates outside a premise.

Vector disinfection, as its name suggests, is a thorough, 360 degrees type of disinfection that is able to eliminate the majority of germs through either chemical methods or physical methods (e.g. heat). Fumigation is, by far, the most common way of delivering the gaseous disinfectant in enclosed spaces, followed by steaming. Regardless of which method the disinfection is carried out via, the process needs to be performed by a trained professional for safety reasons.  


How Does Vector Disinfection Differ From Area Cleaning? 

Unlike area cleaning which is usually accomplished with soap or water and is merely a physical removal of dirt and grime from surfaces, disinfection makes use of concentrated chemicals or heat to kill off a high percentage of germs residing on surfaces, rendering them incapable of reproducing. Another significant difference between the two is that while area cleaning is oftentimes restricted to reachable areas, the gaseous chemical used in vector disinfection can penetrate into even the most isolated nook and cranny within your home. 


Why Subscribe to a Vector Disinfecting Service? 

Here is a list of reasons for you to subscribe to a vector disinfecting service: 

  1. Recognising that vector disinfection is the new cost for business management during this period
  2. Serves as a confidence jab for workers to come to work
  3. Safeguard employees’ occupational health
  4. Strengthen employees’ confidence in you
  5. Heighten employees’ productivity


Recognising that Vector Disinfection is the New Cost for Business Management During This Period

Just like a pantry or mandatory housekeeping services, vector disinfection should be the new cost for business management during this period considering how it should be the norm for companies to implement precautionary measures to safeguard workers’ health before the coronavirus crisis subsides. 


Serves as a Confidence Jab for Workers to Come to Work

Workers are more likely to feel safer coming to work knowing that they will not be at risk of contracting pneumonia, especially if your workplace houses many workers who can be possible carriers for the deadly coronavirus. 


Safeguard Employees’ Occupational Health

Regular disinfection can help to safeguard your employees’ occupational health during this period by eliminating all the harmful microorganisms and bacteria lying around on the surfaces in your office, including the coronavirus. 


Strengthen Employees’ Confidence in You

Your employees will likely appreciate the fact that you care deeply about their health by subscribing to a regular disinfecting service during this period, which will elevate the level of trust your employees place in you. 


Heighten Employees’ Productivity

Work-from-home or telecommuting arrangements can be scrapped with the implementation of disinfecting services at your office, ensuring maximum work productivity over the duration lasting for the outbreak. 


Hallmarks of a Professional Disinfecting Service

Here are some aspects of a professional disinfecting service, such as BUTLER’s vector disinfecting service, that you should definitely look out for: 

  • Professional workers with personal protective equipments (PPEs)
  • Minimise downtime to company operations
  • Performs a thorough level of disinfection including wiping and sanitising of all surfaces by manual labor before fogging service
  • Uses 100% biodegradable disinfectants that eliminate 99.999% of all germs and bacteria on contact and are non-harmful, skin and pet friendly


Professional Workers With Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs)

Subscribing to a Vector Disinfecting Service in Singapore

A professionally-trained worker wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)

Workers should be wearing personal protective equipment (PPEs), such as surgical masks, hand gloves and safety goggles, during the conducting of fumigation. Workers should also be professionally trained to ensure that they are able to carry out the fogging reliably. 


Minimise Downtime to Company Operations

To minimise disruption to your company’s operations, you should be looking out for an efficient disinfecting service that can get the job done fast and well. For example, BUTLER ensures that all its disinfecting services are completed within 3 hours by complementing the size of the office area with the corresponding number of workers needed. 


Performs a Thorough Level of Disinfection including Wiping and Sanitising of All Surfaces by Manual Labor Before Fogging Service

Subscribing to a Vector Disinfecting Service in Singapore

An employee performing thorough wipe-down of surfaces

For the disinfectant to be truly effective, it needs to be able to reach every nook and cranny within your within your premise. This is why we recommend BUTLER’s vector disinfecting service, whose 360 degrees all-round fogging effectively sanitises every corner and surface of your premise. Unlike some other companies in the industry, BUTLER also performs a manual wipe-down of your entire premise before fumigation is carried out for maximum efficacy.


Uses 100% Biodegradable Disinfectants that Eliminate 99.999% of All Germs and Bacteria on Contact and are Non-Harmful, Skin and Pet-Friendly

Subscribing to a Vector Disinfecting Service in Singapore

A bottle of medical-grade disinfectant certified to be kid and pet-friendly

The disinfecting company should ideally be placing your health and that of your loved ones as its utmost priority, for instance, through the use of alcohol-free disinfectants that have been certified to be safe for kids, furniture and food establishments. Did you know that BUTLER also uses environmentally-friendly disinfectants that are 100% biodegradable so as not to leave any harmful chemical residues behind?


Need a virus disinfection service?


Vector disinfection is a good practice that can help you to take preventive measures to limit the spread of Covid-19, and also to safeguard your health as well as that of your employees. This is an educational article written by BUTLER for businesses and owners of private residences in Singapore.  

Should you have any enquiry or wish to have us implement the above for your office or home to gain a much-needed peace of mind during this period? Contact us and we will get in touch with you shortly.


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