Designing a home can be one of life’s most daunting tasks, and it helps to get some idea of what you’d like to work on first before getting dirty.

For unlimited home design inspiration, simply head over to Instagram.

From modern country  to simple Scandinavian, these Instagram accounts will get you started on your own home design project in no time.


7 Instagram accounts for limitless home design inspiration

Take a Look at your Dream Home with These Instagram Accounts

(Image credit: @studiomcgee)


1. Go boundless with white aesthetic at @StudioMcGee

If your idea of the perfect abode is quiet beauty without a riot of colours, check out Studio McGee’s gallery on Instagram.

White is readily identifiable with minimalist interiors, and the colour is often used for its subtlety. That quality is exactly what you’ll find in Studio McGee’s beautifully designed spaces.

In fact, Studio McGee loves the colour white so much that they even have a guide that details how to choose the appropriate shade of white.


Take a Look at your Dream Home with These Instagram Accounts

(image credit: @justinablakeney)


2. Bask in kaleidoscopic Boho shades with @JustinaBlakeney


For the mavericks who have had enough of white-washed minimalist fittings, Justina Blakeley invites you into her colourful world of boho-inspired interiors.

Blakeley’s Instagram gallery isn’t just a chaotic riot of colours. Patterns reminiscent of tribal motifs bring order to the colourful mix, and floral-themed wallpapers and fittings add an exotic touch.

Blakeley also runs The Jungalow, an online store selling curated home décor items that highlight the eye-catching vibrancy of her boho-themed interiors.


Take a Look at your Dream Home with These Instagram Accounts

(image credit: @restoringlansdowne)


3. Take a look at Scandinavian-style with @restoringlandsdowne


Scandinavian style is well-known for prizing simplicity and functionality over material extravagance, and interior designer Kristine Hall’s work on @restoringlandsdowne certainly proves it.

Hall’s designed spaces are ideal if you’re leaning towards a monochrome shade and vintage fittings. Some of her works do buck the trend, and those add a sprinkle of variety that keeps you hooked for more.

Hall also documents her experiences and expertise on her blog (it’s in the bio of Instagram account). Learn how to masterfully use yellow in interior design, or read about her colour combo picks.

Take a Look at your Dream Home with These Instagram Accounts

(image credit: @goldenfoxcottage)


4.Experience a blend of rural and urban with @goldenfoxcottage


If you’re a fan of wooden interiors, you absolutely need to check out the Golden Fox Cottage.

Styled as DIY renovation project to transform an 18th century cottage into a modern abode, the Golden Fox Cottage’s snapshots feel cozy, laidback, yet sophisticated at the same time.

While wooden countertops and aged beams exude a rustic feel, modern amenities provide a modern contrast. Golden Fox Cottage’s adept use of colour and lighting help complete the sensory experience.

Take a Look at your Dream Home with These Instagram Accounts

(image credit: @becca_in_bath)


5. Embrace the dark side with @becca_in_bath


There’s a fine line to toe with black. Used well, it can add a luxurious touch to any home. But too much of it can leave you with a very moody space.

If you’re not sure how to bring out the best in black, check out @becca_in_bath’s designs.

Black is a running theme, but how it’s used is particularly interesting. Pay attention to how the colour is applied to walls, stools and even kitchen taps.

Take a Look at your Dream Home with These Instagram Accounts

(image credit: @ettoresottsass)


6. Dive back in the 80s with @ettoresottsass


Aspiring towards a funky, postmodern aesthetic that screams 80s retro?  Take a leaf from New York -based furniture advisor Raquel Cayre.

Cayre’s gallery on @ettoresottsass feels like one grand postmodernist experiment, and she’s an acclaimed artist in her own right.

Her works have been featured by Vogue and Architectural Digest in the past, but some snapshots on her Instagram are curated works from other artists that fit right at home with her funky retro collection.

Take a Look at your Dream Home with These Instagram Accounts

(image credit: @plantsindecor)


7. Add a green touch with @plantsindecor


Having a plant at home has been proven to reduce stress and induce calmness, but choosing the right kind of flora can be tricky.

Not if you’ve checked out Plants in Décor.

From potted plants to air plants hung upside-down, this Instagram account has everything you’ll ever need to make the best use of plants indoors. Look up their gallery for literally lush interiors.


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