If you are clueless as to what grout is, it’s the dense fluid in between your tiles that helps to properly fit the tiles in place. Over time, grouts accumulate dirt that would end up making your bathroom looking unhygienic. It’s only expected to have spent tons of money on cleaning products which claim to be able to get your toilet sparkling clean, but in reality — is just out to rip off your money.

We understand the frustration; thus, we have curated tips on cleaning grouts with these home remedies below, so you wouldn’t need to fork out even more and perhaps can also feel less unsatisfied when the results aren’t as intended. Safety tip 101 — ALWAYS have your gloves on!


The cleaning tools

These home remedies are perfect for cleaning out your grouts

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Before preparing your cleaning mixtures, do ensure that you have all these tools handy to eliminate the tough stains down to the edge of your bathroom.


There’s nothing more to be said, simply put a pair on when cleaning and thank us later for saving your hands! We recommend getting rubber gloves as they get the least eroded against chemicals.

Magic Sponge

These home remedies are perfect for cleaning out your grouts

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For just two dollars, you could get a pack of 30 cubes of these magic sponges from any DAISO stores near you. We’ve tried and tested them, and it works like magic, even without the use of detergent.

Downside: The sponge shrinks pretty quickly after running through water or with thorough scrubbing but, getting a pack of it should be ample enough to scrub both bathrooms and even the kitchen.



By toothbrush, we certainly don’t refer to the ones you currently use for your teeth. That is, unless you are ready to get that replaced, then feel free to use them by all means. If you do not have an old toothbrush, getting a cheap toothbrush under two dollars is sufficient. After all, it’s solely for cleaning purposes, so skip the need to search for the top-rated toothbrush off the shelves.

Microfibre cloth

These home remedies are perfect for cleaning out your grouts

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Apart from using a microfibre towel to clean the car’s outer surface, we have not tried using a microfibre cloth to clean the bathroom. After some research, many have suggested that microfibre cloths are ideal for capturing the tiniest dirt particles. Thus, do give it a try. Who knows it might work best for you!

Downside: You would frequently need to rinse out the cloth.


The Ingredients to create the cleaning mixture

Baking Soda

These home remedies are perfect for cleaning out your grouts

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It hasn’t been long since we were in quarantine and all of us were busy trying out new baking recipes. So, it’s highly likely you would still have some baking soda stored in the kitchen. Instead of just letting it dry out, it’s time to scoop some up and make it into a grout cleaning remedy.

Downside: It might get a little abrasive, so whenever you are in contact with the baking soda mixture, do have your gloves on and you SHOULD avoid rubbing your skin against them.



These home remedies are perfect for cleaning out your grouts

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Apart from lemons being a top-selling bathroom scent, lemon juice is scientifically proven to be an excellent cleaning solution. Like vinegar, fresh lemon juice is acidic and works as an effective stain remover for tiles and grout. Plus point: Lemon could also help get rid of water marks, that’s killing two birds in one stone for sure!


White Vinegar

These home remedies are perfect for cleaning out your grouts

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We realised that there are various types of vinegar, and white vinegar is just one of the many off the list. If you compare vinegar vs. lemon, you could say vinegar is the boss of lemons in terms of acidity. White vinegar is a little more acidic so it’s best to dilute the white vinegar with warm water before using it to clean surfaces.


Dish-washing Liquid

Apart from a dishwashing liquid’s ability to undoubtedly clean the kitchen utensils, it can get rid of stains and dirt in the bathroom. Plus point: they are mildly scented, so it gives that extra boost to the toilet.


Just a disclaimer: many sites suggest using hydrogen peroxide. We do not recommend using it as it could cause serious injuries such as burns, blistering and inflammation if they are misused.

The Cleaning mixture

As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.” So, it’s time we reveal the cleaning mixture for the ultimate scrub down.

Lemon + Baking Soda + White Vinegar

These home remedies are perfect for cleaning out your grouts

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We must say that this is the most acidic trio, but they react well together and can hopefully get rid of the dirt off your bathroom tiles pronto.

Recipe: 3 cups warm water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 fresh lemon juice, 1/4 cup white vinegar
Tip: Use measuring spoons for a more accurate measurement; it’s no guessing game to achieve the best result.

Steps for cleaning: Mix all the ingredients in either a mixing bowl or a spray bottle. Pour/spray it onto the tiles and let it sit for a few minutes before using the magic sponge or toothbrush to give the tiles a good scrub.


White vinegar + Dish-washing detergent

Recipe: 1/2 cup white vinegar, 1 tbsp dish-washing detergent (or just squirting it out works too)

Steps for cleaning: Mix them in a spray bottle or again if you don’t have one, just putting it in a mixing bowl works too. After that, spray/pour it onto the tiles, wait 5-10mins before giving it a good scrub and ending it off with a good rinse.

Tip: Dish-washing detergent could get soapy so do give it a thorough rinse or you’ll risk falling when using the bathroom.


Baking soda + Dish-washing detergent + salt

Recipe: 1 cup salt, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup dish-washing detergent

The extra addition of salt makes us feel as though we’re curating a new recipe. In all seriousness, it’s all about making use of anything and everything we have around the house so thumbs-up to money-saving remedies.

Steps for cleaning: You know the drill, mix well, let it rest and work your magic.


Quick Tip: Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice to any mixture to make your bathroom smelling fresh.