We Singaporeans are busy people. To make matters worse, a lot of us are real lazy too. All too often, we’re trapped in the never-ending cycle of work commitments, social media notifications, and daily tasks, with the latter more often than not being ignored. Our lives are a classic case of so many things to do, so little time.

That’s where Butler In Suits comes in. The startup, founded by 24 year-old Poon Da Qian, is basically a tech-enabled housekeeping subscription service that promises to transform your home into a 5-star hotel, by providing on-demand services like housekeeping, laundry, and concierge services.

How does it work? Well, that’s really simple. After registering an account, all you’ve got to do is cough up either a weekly or monthly fee that varies according to your household size, and Butler In Suits will take care of the rest, whether it’s collecting your mail, doing your laundry, or even getting your groceries done.

You’ll get menial stuff like that done, all without lifting a finger. It’s every busy person’s (or couch potato’s) dream come true.
Gadgets like robot vacuums will be installed in your home to clean it automatically on a daily basis as a sort of value-add, while the “butlers” will handle the rest themselves as part of a 50 points housekeeping checklist.

There’s just one slight caveat though.
As customers aren’t required to stay at home while the service is being undertaken, house keys will have to be left with one of the butlers, which sounds pretty risky at first, although Poon has previously stressed that every staff member is thoroughly vetted via a “stringent hiring process”, so your house will be in safe hands.

If all that is fine and dandy with you, then well, you can finally say goodbye to doing your chores. Or, you could just learn to be responsible for once and get them done yourself. Whatever your choice is, Butler In Suits won’t be going away anytime soon.