Without a doubt, last year brought about a huge shift in plenty of career plans due to the unforeseen pandemic. The economic downturn might have forced some to veer off their initial career paths, whilst others might have experienced a roadblock when it came to potential job prospects.

Although 2021 might seem like a daunting time to switch career paths, career transitioners are in fact potentially possessing an edge in the current job market. The pandemic has created an opportune time to make progressive changes, while you discover the best possible job scope that will truly ignite your passion.

Why 2021 might be the perfect time for a career change

Employers are now more open

In this current career climate, expectations regarding new hires have changed. Before, employers might have been more predisposed to hire those with prior knowledge to fill in a predecessor’s position. Now, they are more open to career switchers as they seek workers who are able to match their purpose. This makes it an ideal time for you to step into new roles as you discover the right job scope for you.

Transport is no longer a barrier

Pre-pandemic, geography often served as a barrier to new job opportunities. Calculating long commuting hours and distances have forced many to reconsider taking up certain job offers.

Why 2021 might be the perfect time for a career change

However, this is no longer the case in 2021. The pandemic has forced the working sector to rethink ways to communicate, as working from home and liaising with colleagues via video conference becomes the new norm. Remote working has also created new opportunities. As more companies continue to adopt these new remote ways of operating, this further opens up new career prospects

It’s all about adaptability

Switching into a new role in 2021 also means navigating through new ways of working – whether it’s from home or with your colleagues. Transitioning to a new job and industry will require you to be versatile as you adapt to your fresh role. Fret not, though. With work from home measures still in place, you have more flexibility over your own schedule, and can thus work at your own pace. This makes it the perfect time to get used to your new role, without potentially having to deal with your boss looking over your shoulder in the office.

Industries that are thriving  

Whilst the pandemic has undoubtedly caused negative ripple effects across several sectors, it has also caused certain industries to thrive. Three such sectors that have seen enormous growth and are projected to continue to succeed in 2021 includes the tech industry, e-commerce, as well as healthcare.

Why 2021 might be the perfect time for a career change

With the arrival of 5G and the popularity of video conferencing, the tech industry will undoubtedly continue to grow massively. E-commerce as a sector has thrived due to the lockdowns imposed on traditional retail stores, whilst the healthcare industry – a no-brainer in the fight against the pandemic – will continue to grow as specialists in the medical field remain in high demand. If you’re looking for a new career path, consider jobs in these three industries, whether it’s an entry-level job in tech or a high-level job in e-commerce.