Do you feel like your home is in a constant mess no matter how much you seem to tidy it? Whenever you come home, you will see the never ending stacks of mail and paper, clutter in every corner of your room, undone dishes and piles of laundry lying everywhere. I bet it is seriously upsetting to come back to a chaotic home! Especially when you feel like you have been cleaning and organising non-stop. Do not worry because what you need are just these 5 extra little steps to take everyday to make the most of your cleaning efforts. These 5 daily tasks will help you maintain a clean and organised home with the least effort. 


5 Daily Tasks To Keep Your Home Organised

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  1. Make your bed

The first thing you should do when you jump out of bed in the morning is to make your bed. You might be wondering: why should I make my bed when I am going to get back on it at the end of the day? It will be messy again anyway, so why bother? Well, making your bed every morning will instill a form of discipline and get you motivated to keep things neat and tidy throughout the day. It will also make your bedroom look so much neater and you will be happier after returning home from a day of work. 

You can also build this habit with your children and get them to make their own beds. This will teach them responsibility and encourage them to continue to be neat and tidy throughout their day. 


5 Daily Tasks To Keep Your Home Organised

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2. Sort and finish your laundry 

This might seem like a lot but doing your laundry daily will help you reduce the pile of clothes lying around the house and your laundry workload during the weekend. Purchase some laundry baskets and place them next to your wardrobe or in your toilet – wherever you get dressed. This provides a storage space of all dirty clothes instead of letting them pile up on the floor or around the house. 

Next, find time to do one load of laundry every single day. By doing smaller laundry loads daily, it will be more manageable than handling several loads later in the week. This keeps your dirty clothes pile small or even non-existent at the end of every day. The key here is to actually finish the load of laundry – yes, that means drying it, folding it and placing them neatly back into your wardrobe. There is no point in leaving clean clothes lying around because you are then just replacing your dirty clothes clutter with clean ones. So make sure you dry, iron, fold and place them back into the wardrobe. Also, a bonus here is that you get more fresh and clean clothes to pick from the next day! 


5 Daily Tasks To Keep Your Home Organised

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3. Do your dishes 

Do not, I repeat, do not let your dirty dishes pile up. No matter what, you should do your dishes after every use. Even if you made a quick coffee in the morning, I am sure you can spare a few minutes to wash and rinse your cup and spoon. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink not only breeds bacteria but is also unsightly when you return home to the pile of unwashed dishes. It only adds on to the list of things to do when you return home. So do your dishes after every use to prevent pile ups! If you have irresponsible household members who are not pulling their weight, you can even put up signs in the kitchen to remind them to do their dishes immediately. 


5 Daily Tasks To Keep Your Home Organised

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4. Wipe counter tops and dining tables

A tip to keep your home clean and clutter free is to wipe your kitchen and bathroom countertops at the end of every day. Giving them a good wipe not only cleans them but also lets you go through small piles of clutter or dirt that gather throughout the day. You can keep cloths and cleaning solutions or antibacterial wipes around these countertops to remind yourself to wipe them every day. You should also wipe your dining tables after every meal to remove any dirt, spills or stains. Clutter can also pile up on your dining table so remember to clear these away as well. 


5. Deal with clutter 

Clear a pile of clutter every day! You might feel like it is a never ending battle against clutter but if you take the time to clear a little bit of clutter every day, eventually you will be left with less clutter around the house. It is impossible to not have clutter at all but staying on top of it and preventing it from piling up can make it easier for you to manage it. Things like daily mail, paper clutter, toys and random items of the day should be dealt with immediately. Make sure these items have designated storage spots like a toy box, or a paper recycling box for all the paper clutter. Deal with daily mail immediately and weed out the unnecessary mail while keeping important ones in files or folders. At the end of the day, all you have to do is spend 10 minutes to declutter your home to keep the clutter at bay. 


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