Chinese New Year is in a month’s time and we in Butler’s property management are getting really busy. As Chinese New Year is one of the largest festive seasons in Singapore. We have to prepare most of our client’s homes for the festive season.

During the month of December, we made sure to do a full property inspection, properly marking all our checklist for things to look at and to watch out for. We make sure to get all the issues and work that can be done highlighted to the client to make sure they understand what they are able to do to beautify their homes.

Once we have all the agreement settled with the client, we start by sourcing out best contractors suited for the job to get the work done. We made sure we have a number of choices that are able to get the job done before proceeding with it.

As you can expect from managing landed homes, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. First up, we make sure that all appliances are in working condition and things that need to be maintained are done. Some of these detailed examples include algae remover on walls, aquascaping the entire pond, adding new bright colored fishes, changing cracked tiles and stress testing the lifts.

With the hard part out of the way, we can now then focus on decorating the homes to get ready for any guest to arrive. A week or two before any guest arrives, we make sure to get all the rooms cleaned and decorated with festive decorations.

As an added service, we help our clients get all the necessities they need in preparation for the New Year so they don’t have to shop from places to places to get the things they need.

Property managers are a great asset for home owners because we help lessen their workload in preparation for their homes. Do you think a Property Manager would be good for managing your homes? Do let us know by commenting down below.