You’re probably no stranger to the woes of having to wear a mask daily to protect yourself from the pandemic. Apart from not being able to breathe properly, there’s that soreness you might get on your ears from the loops after a long day. And when dining out resumes again, you’ll be back to struggling with finding someplace to store your mask whilst eating or drinking.

As we continue the practice of staying safe, check out these five accessories that can make masking up a little more comfortable.

Earloop hooks

5 Mask accessories to make staying safe more comfortable, from ear hooks to liners

Image: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash

If you’re someone who faces aching ears after a long day of wearing a mask, earloop hooks might just be what you need. They are extremely affordable and are shaped to fit the curve of your ear. Being a fuss-free product, all you have to do is fit them onto the earloops of your mask and you’re ready to go.

Whilst these hooks can easily help to reduce the strain on your ears, there are some cons; you might tug them off by accident, and it can be a tiny hassle each day to remember to fit them onto your mask. But, we still think it’s handy to pop a few of them in your bag for whenever you need some cushioning for your ears.

Mask loop extenders

5 Mask accessories to make staying safe more comfortable, from ear hooks to liners

Image: TANGS

Another way to lessen the tugging on your ears is with the use of mask loop extenders. These affordable extenders connect one earloop to the other and go around the back of your head, which reduces the need for your ears to support the loops.

Since the loop of your mask is typically only hooked onto these extenders, it is fairly easy to remove your mask when needed. There are extenders with properties such as anti-slip material and adjustable straps, so make sure to find one that suits your needs.

Chains and straps

Image: Le Éclat, SSFW

Not a fan of having to find a place to keep your mask whenever you eat or drink? Perhaps getting a chain or strap for your mask can be a solution to the hassle. These accessories can not only easily hang your mask on your neck, but are also a simple way to switch up your look.

There is a wide variety of designs available, depending on your preference and price range. For something more affordable, try these colourful or dainty chains from Shopee. If you’re looking for a mid-range option, check out Le Éclat for chic designs sourced from Korea. Don’t mind dishing out big bucks? Browse local jewellery brand SSFW for pieces with gemstones or gold-plated hardware.

Cases and pouches

5 Mask accessories to make staying safe more comfortable, from ear hooks to liners

Image: styledegree

Having a proper place to store your mask when you remove it is still the more convenient option. Rather than just dumping it in your bag, using a case or pouch is much more hygienic and practical.

Cases are not only compact and affordable; whilst there are fabric choices with cute designs like strawberries and cartoon animals, we suggest getting those made with silicone or plastic, which are easier to clean after holding your masks.

It might also be a good idea to have a separate holder for a bunch of clean masks, which can help to save the day whenever you forget to bring one.

Mask liners

Images: Sogeum, Cocomo

Mask-ne, which is acne caused from wearing masks, is another common problem faced by many. To combat that, you can try wearing liners, which are supposed to comfortable and go right below your masks.

These liners are said to protect your skin from feeling irritated by the mask. There are also ones that claim to help prevent the smudging of make up, which is an equally troublesome situation. Whilst we’re not sure how effective using these products can be, you might want to give them a try to see if they make a difference for your skin.

Feature image by Vera Davidova on Unsplash