Moving home is always exciting, but what’s less fun is post-tenancy cleaning.

Most tenancy agreements around the world often tell you how the property should be left when you’re moving out. In Singapore, it’s no different.

And the last thing you’ll want is an additional bill for property fixtures.

Not sure how to get started with post-tenancy cleaning? Read on to find out.

Make post-tenancy cleaning a breeze with these 5 tips


1. Cook frequently? Start with the Kitchen.

5 post-tenancy cleaning tips for housekeeping in Singapore for a spotless home

Many places in the kitchen experience frequent contact.

While the kitchen is often much smaller than the living room, lots of spaces in the kitchen receive more frequent contact.
And with frequent contact, comes even more dust and dirt.

To give your kitchen a thorough cleaning, you should first remove everything from cupboards and shelves.

Remove crumbs and other debris with a microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner to avoid triggering allergies.

For stoves and ovens, you may need stronger cleaning agents depending on how much and how old the accumulated grime is.

Don’t forget about kitchen appliances too. Be sure to clean out the refrigerator and leave the doors open to prevent mold from growing after switching off the main.


2. Thoroughly wipe down your bathroom

5 post-tenancy cleaning tips for housekeeping in Singapore for a spotless home

Check for blockage and remove stain marks in your bathroom.

 Just like the kitchen, there’re lots of spots to watch out for when cleaning the bathroom.

In addition to checking plug holes and drains for blockage, be sure to also wipe off stain marks from your:

  • Sink
  • Bathtub
  • Floor tiles
  • Bath mirror

You’ll also want to make sure that there’re no traces of mould or limescale on metallic surfaces like:

  • Taps
  • Showerheads
  • Drain gates

Consistently wiping down bathroom walls and floors after every shower can help make your post-tenancy cleaning a lot easier.

If your bathroom comes equipped with a ventilation fan, keeping it switched on will make thorough cleaning a breeze too.


3. Keep the greens pristine

5 post-tenancy cleaning tips for housekeeping in Singapore for a spotless home

Have a garden or lawn? Don’t leave it neglected.

 If the property features a garden or lawn, it’s likely you’ll need to maintain it as part of your tenancy agreement.

As a rule of thumb, you should:

  • Sweep up all fallen leaves and twigs
  • Maintain flower beds
  • Mow lawns to prevent weeds or overgrown grass

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4. Leave the living room for last

5 post-tenancy cleaning tips for housekeeping in Singapore for a spotless home

During your post-tenancy clean-up, you’ll have to frequently pass the living room to get to other parts of the property.

While it’s tempting to start with the living room first because of its size, you’ll also need to do more rounds of cleaning each time you accidentally bring more dirt and dust over.

After all other parts of the property have been cleaned, you’ll want to start cleaning the living room by giving it a thorough vacuum first.

To avoid triggering any allergies, use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom.

When wiping down surfaces in your living room, stick to microfiber cloths too.


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5. Consider a professional cleaning service

5 post-tenancy cleaning tips for housekeeping in Singapore for a spotless home

Too much work? Leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Post-tenancy cleaning can be an exhausting affair.

Some aspects of the property may also require special care too.

Delicate upholstery and furniture like curtains, carpets, and rugs are often not machine-washable and require dry or steam cleaning.

Even something as simple as using the wrong washing agent can cause damage to fabric like bedsheets and pillowcases.

To avoid unnecessary trouble, you should leave these aspects of the property to cleaning professionals.


Take the stress out of post-tenancy cleaning with us

Getting ready to head home takes up a lot of your time and energy.

Beyond that, having to take care of post-tenancy cleaning only adds to an unnecessary headache.

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