Spring cleaning can be a very troublesome affair, especially if you or your family suffer from allergies.

There’s no question that spring cleaning your home is a must. But when cleaning the home risks triggering your allergy, things can get really tricky.

Tired of dealing with itchy rashes and swollen eyes? Here’s how you should be spring cleaning to avoid allergies.


Avoid the allergies with these 5 spring cleaning tips


1. Vacuum with a HEPA filter equipped at least once or twice a week


5 spring cleaning tips for avoiding allergies


It’s no surprise that sweeping kicks up a lot more dust than vacuuming. If dust and other microparticles trigger an allergic response, vacuuming is the far better option here.

Not all vacuum cleaners keep your allergies at bay though.

Conventional vacuum cleaners may not be designed to trap finer particles like pollen.

For absolute assurance, we recommend vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner that comes equipped with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter.

Not only do these vacuum cleaners trap finer dust and microparticles, they also tend to be more customizable than their non-HEPA counterparts.


2. Clean surfaces with a damp cloth and dust wipes


5 spring cleaning tips for avoiding allergies

Wipe surfaces down with damp cloth or dust wipes.


During spring cleaning, you’ll also want to wipe down surfaces in your home to get rid of stains and dust.

While your standard kitchen wipe can work, it might also whip dust up into the air.

To avoid triggering any allergies, try using a slightly damp cloth or disposable dust wipes instead.

For an environmentally friendlier option, a washable microfiber cleaning cloth is also ideal.


3. Thoroughly wash bedsheets in hot water


5 spring cleaning tips for avoiding allergies

Wash bedsheets thoroughly in hot water.


We spend at least a third of our time on our beds every day, so you’d want to make sure your sleeping space is kept as allergen-free as possible.

For starters, that means keeping the bedsheets and covers free from hair, pet dander, dust mites and a whole lot of other nasty triggers.

While some guides recommend vacuuming your sheets and comforter, the best way to sterilize your bedsheets is to wash them thoroughly in hot water (50 to 60 degrees Celsius).

Pet owners take note – if your pet likes to curl up in bed with you, be sure to vacuum your bed linens at least twice a week too.


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4. Minimise bathroom moisture consistently


5 spring cleaning tips for avoiding allergies

Always keep your bathroom airy and dry.


While dust is the biggest culprit when it comes to allergies, you shouldn’t forget about other risks like mould too.

And the one place in your home that can easily breed mould is your bathroom.

Too much bathroom moisture can encourage mould to quickly grow and spread spores that may trigger allergies.

To prevent this, you’ll want to always:

  • Wipe down bathroom walls and floors after every shower.
  • Leave the bathroom door open to let the damp air out.
  • Switch on the ventilator fan in your bathroom if you have one installed.

If you use a shower curtain, it’s also a good idea to pull it back so that air flows more freely in your bathroom.

More importantly, minimizing excess moisture in your bathroom also keeps you and your family safe from dengue fever.


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5. Keep your home clutter -free


5 spring cleaning tips for avoiding allergies

(image credit: HowStuffWorks) Always keep your home clutter-free.


If spring cleaning feels overwhelming, routinely keeping your home clutter-free can help reduce the headache of cleaning everything up in one go.

A clutter-free home is also less likely to accumulate dust and grime. When everything’s in its rightful place, your home literally feels cleaner.

Start by creating a checklist, or consider the many decluttering methods suggested by home cleaning gurus like Marie Kondo.

Or if it all sounds too much to handle, you can always engage a professional cleaning service that’ll keep your home clutter and allergy-free.


Make spring cleaning a breeze with us


By practicing these easy cleaning tips, you can keep yourself and your family safer from allergies.

But keeping your home allergy-free takes time and effort. Going through everything in detail can be exhausting.

Leave the hard work to us, and enjoy a peace of mind in a better home effortlessly.

With Housekeeping’s full range of residential housekeeping services, rest assured that every aspect of your home will be allergy-free.

From carpet cleaning to vector disinfection, spring cleaning your home will be more thorough than ever.

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