With dengue cases on the rise, it pays to prevent mosquitos from breeding at home.

Dengue fever is an ever-present risk to you and your loved ones. All it takes is a pool of stagnant water and a stroke of bad luck.

The good news? Minimising your risk of infection is actually easy.

Here’s what you should do to keep your family safe from dengue fever.


Stop mosquitos from breeding in your home with these 5 tips


1. Keep all manner of greenery in pristine form


5 tips for preventing mosquitos from breeding at home

Always keep your greenery in pristine form.


Having a garden or potted plant can help lift the mood at home, but it can also increase the risk of mosquitoes invading your home.

The best way to keep dengue fever at bay is to disrupt the mosquito’s life cycle. In the garden or with your potted plants, you should:

  • Loosen hardened soil
  • Trim shrubs
  • Mow overgrown grass and tall weeds

By doing so, you reduce the odds of water accumulating into stagnant pools that make ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos.

An added plus? Keeping your garden or potted plants prim and proper also helps reduce the odds of allergic reactions, especially if pollen is the trigger.


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2. Flip over pails and flowerpot plates


5 tips for preventing mosquitos from breeding at home

Always flip over pails and other containers that might contain water


Another way to minimize the risk of dengue fever is to simply flip over pails after you’re done with them.

The same goes for flowerpot plates too. After water drains from the flowerpot, you should flip them around to prevent water from accumulating.

If you prefer to conserve water by storing it in pails for longer-term usage, consider lidding your pails or placing larvicide in them.

Anyhow, you should always avoid storing water in containers for prolonged periods of time.


3. Regularly clear your roof gutter and place BTI insecticide


5 tips for preventing mosquitos from breeding at home

(image credit: pjmroofer) Regularly clear your roof gutter of debris and place BTI insecticide.


With Singapore’s frequent showers and strong breezes, it’s rather easy for roof gutters to get cluttered with all sorts of debris.

Cluttered roof gutters not only pose an infrastructural risk, they also make perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos.

Be sure to clear your roof gutter at least once or twice a week. After you’re done, also leave behind a BTI insecticide briquet to kill off any mosquito larvae already breeding in the gutter.


4. Clean water regularly in places you can’t drain


5 tips for preventing mosquitos from breeding at home

Change water in vases regularly, or put larvicide in them.


Draining water is one thing, but what happens if you can’t drain water?

For vases, dog dishes and bird baths, be sure to change the water regularly.

Mosquitoes typically lay their eggs in stagnant water, and changing water regularly can help reduce the odds of larvae making it to the adult stage.

In cases where water absolutely cannot be dumped or drained, place larvicide instead.


5. Living in a large home? Vector disinfect your living space


5 tips for preventing mosquitos from breeding at home

Have a home that’s too big to manage? Vector disinfection can help.


The thing with mosquitos is that it only takes a pool of water as wide as a 20-cent coin for them to breed.

And if you’re living in a landed estate or similar property, chances are you’ll miss a potential breeding spot or two.

Two ensure that your home is truly, absolutely mosquito-free, those tips above won’t be enough.

Instead, you should get a professional vector disinfection service to fog your entire premise.

While you won’t be able to be at home while the fogging process takes place, it’s a minor inconvenience in return for a mosquito-free home.


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Stop mosquitos from breeding at home with us


Keeping mosquitos away starts with a few essential home cleaning tips you can quickly put into practice.

But mosquitos are pesky pests that breed easily.

In landed estates, the risk of dengue fever and other mosquito-borne diseases is also significantly higher.

To keep your home truly mosquito-free, all you need is Housekeeping’s professional vector disinfection service.

With Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) pressure misting, Housekeeping’s vector disinfection service provides maximum coverage. Mosquitos will have zero opportunity to breed anywhere in your home.

Ensuring your home is mozzie-safe is easy with us. Reach out to us for a consultation today.