Working remotely might no longer be a daily routine, but it’s still important to make sure that home feels welcoming after a long day at the office. Sprucing up your living area doesn’t have to require a massive revamp; it could be as simple as elevating mealtimes with artisanal dinnerware or freshening up your room with some luxury candles.

One other fuss-free trick to brighten up your environment is to decorate it with aesthetic trinket trays. From placing your keys to holding your accessories, they are both versatile and add a beautiful touch to your space.

Whether for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, these options for trinket trays, dishes and coasters below will serve as the perfect addition to a home.

Burnt Olives

Burnt Olives’ trendy yet unique jewellery pieces are not the only items that will be catching your eye; their handmade homeware from trinket dishes to pill trays and coasters are equally as beautiful.

You’ll be spoiled for choice with the wide variety of designs and colors available. From terrazzo dusty pink and gold-dusted jewellery dishes to marbled and dinosaur-themed coasters, you won’t be able to just cart out one piece.

Jewellery dishes and pill trays are sealed with food-safe beeswax, whilst coasters are coated with heat-resistant resin, which allows you to use the products without worry. Prices range from around $22 to $40, with some of the pill trays being more expensive.

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Luna Studios

Another new brand in 2021 to look out for is local-based Luna Studios, which will be launching their handcrafted home pieces soon. According to their Instagram, the owner decided to come up with her own creations because of her newfound love for terrazzo homeware and decor items.

For now, you’ll only get to enjoy some sneak peeks of her upcoming trinket trays and dishes, which feature speckled designs with coral, blush and white shades.

You will also be glad to know that the products are water repellent and can be easily kept clean with a damp cloth and light detergent.

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Ember & Ash

Ember & Ash is another local brand selling handcrafted trinket trays in the form of round, hexagon, capsule and other shapes. And if you’re looking for something unique to hold your plants with, take a look at their planter trays.

Their pieces are made with Jesmonite and sealed with food-safe beeswax, and the overall price range runs from around $10 to $34, with their capsule-shaped trays costing more.

A tip: If you have on your eye on something that’s sold out on the site, feel free to drop them an email to indicate your interest and they might decide to bring it back.

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The Jomu Co

The artist behind local brand The Jomu Co is Jo, a self-taught calligrapher. Her array of trinket trays and coasters are given a special touch with her personalised calligraphy, making her pieces ideal gifts for your loved ones.

Materials used include ceramic and wood, with shapes ranging from oblong and circular to squares and octagons. If you’re a fan of marbled designs, there are a ton of colours and patterns to pick from.

Add a personal touch to your items by customising them with your choice of words, choosing from available colours like black, rose gold and holographic. Prices go from $18.80 to $24.80, and you have the option to add on a compact pocket mirror ($12.90) and bridesmaids mini card ($3).

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If you’re looking for simple ways to add some sparkle to your home, you’ll be surprised at how a few trinket dishes or coasters can really make your space lively.

Feature image from The Jomu Co