Whether you’re searching for a new home, or looking to do some renovation for your existing place, it’s important to make your humble adobe as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Interior decoration comes into play here, for little things such as the furniture choice or wall colour will determine the look and feel of your home. 

After a whirlwind of events last year, the interior design trends for 2021 have somewhat changed to accommodate to the new normal.

Here are some which we’ve sussed out for you to get inspired.

  1. Intimate and private corners for some me-time

We are spending a lot more time in the house, with our home also serving the function as an office space when the circuit breaker happened last year.

As working from home will continue to remain as an option for most, it’s important to create some private corners for you to have some me-time after you shut your work laptop.

If you’re living together with your family, the need for privacy becomes more apparent if you don’t have a room of your own.

Try installing a bay window seat as your own private corner. You can park yourself there to read or sip a cup of piping hot chocolate while relaxing.

Pro-tip: As bay windows are under exposure to sunlight and rain, pick a seat material which is waterproof, easy to maintain and highly durable to avoid surface warping and discolouration.

Popular interior design trends in 2021
Image: The Floor Gallery

2. Placing house plants at certain parts of your home

Plant parents became a trendy term last year when all of us were confined to our four walls at home. Being mum and dad to plants don’t just involve watering them, it also includes things like changing fertilizers or getting rid of that bug which refuses to leave your plant alone.

It’s easy to understand why having house plants at home is therapeutic. Aesthetically wise, they add some pop of colours to your home. But more importantly, they can help to relax your body and soul.

Popular interior design trends in 2021
Image: Her World

Research has shown that indoor plants can help improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and boost one’s mood.

Now, aren’t those valid reasons for you to start planting some flowers at home to admire, at the same time let them be the chicken soup for your soul?

3. Add nostalgic pieces into the mix

Oldies are goodies. Not only does the fashion world seek inspiration from the good old days, the world of interior decoration loves doing throwbacks too.

For instance, using terrazzo and Peranakan tiles for your modern home adds a tinge of retro feel.

Popular interior design trends in 2021
Image: My Nice Home

Check out this video from Channel NewsAsia which features a couple transforming their home to create the old school vintage charm look.

4. Furniture pieces with dual functions

For those with a small living space, putting a king size bed in your room is a luxury by itself. As the flats we live in get smaller, we need to find novel ways to ensure that there’s sufficient space for us to move around in our home.

One way to solve the space issue is to install more built-in cupboards. Another useful solution is to look for furniture pieces with dual functions.

For instance, a sofa bed which can be flipped over to sleep on is something to consider, or a coffee table with storage space beneath for you to place your books or magazines is worth a purchase.

Popular interior design trends in 2021
Image: Bed and Basics

5. Incorporating curves into designs

Already a hit last year, the trend to incorporate curves into designs will remain in 2021. When paired with the right colour, the rounded edges add a hint of playfulness to the home. As compared to straight ends, curves also softens the look of a home, giving it a more relaxed feel.

Popular interior design trends in 2021
Image: My Nice Home

Aside from that, curvatures naturally draw people’s attention. Choose the spot at home which you would like as a focal point, and this might do the trick.

Owning a home is a feat by itself, let alone choosing the right furniture to give your place its unique style. If in doubt, it’s always good to consult an interior designer for advice. It will make your home decoration journey a much smoother one.