Side hustles, freelancing, gig economy, whichever way you name it, we Singaporeans are definitely finding ways to earn more money.

Aside from an extra income source, people are also keen to know whether there are other means to grow their pot of money. That’s because banks’ interest rates are rather low for our hard-earned money to see any effects.

Thankfully, there are many good financial sites out there which dispenses useful tips to lend you a helping hand. Be it in illustration formats or written with hard facts, these sites will help you find ways to grow your pot of gold.

  1. MoneySense

MoneySense is Singapore’s national financial education programme which started in 2003. All programmes run are overseen by the MoneySense Council, co-chaired by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Ministry of Manpower. The Council also comprises representatives from various government agencies.

Be it students or retirees, you can find relevant articles which cater to everyone from all walks of life here.

Best sites to follow to upgrade your personal finance knowledge
Image: MoneySense

To help Singaporeans manage their finances during the pandemic, MoneySense launched a campaign last year with the tagline, #stayunitedstayresilient. Providing resources such as financial resilience guides and online financial seminars, the site aims to help those in need to tide through these difficult times.

2. MoneySmart

Established in 2009, MoneySmart is one of the pioneers in the industry. With market presence in countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines, this is the go-to portal for everything you need to know about personal finances.

Best sites to follow to upgrade your personal finance knowledge
Image: MoneySmart

The founder, Vinod Nair, started the company with a bold vision, which is to disrupt the financial advisory industry. In 2017, the company raised $14 million in the Series B funding round led by Japanese firm,

For those looking out for flats, check out this detailed analysis on the types of mortgages available to help you get one step closer to buying your dream home.

3. Seedly

Founded in 2016, Seedly started out as an expense tracking app which allows users to sync their financial accounts and better manage their cash-flow. The company has grown since then and it’s now a part of CompareAsiaGroup.

Breaking down their content into different categories, such as investments, insurance, utilities and bills, the site gives a clear guide to cater to readers with different needs.

Best sites to follow to upgrade your personal finance knowledge
Image: Seedly

If you’ve just gotten your first pay cheque and wondering which is the best bank to park your money with, check out this article which gives you the lowdown on the interest rates across all banks.

4. The Simple Sum

Educating readers about finance through colourful illustrations, The Simple Sum aims to simplify this topic for the broke and confused millennials.

Best sites to follow to upgrade your personal finance knowledge
Image: The Simple Sum

Aside from articles, The Simple Sum produces podcasts too. Featuring inspiring stories, these podcasts are worth a listen to get you thinking.

The most recent podcast saw Seah Ying Cong, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of job portal, Glints, as their guest. Presented in a conversational manner, Seah shared the reason as to why he dropped out of Wharton School of Business to start the company with two of his other friends.

5. The Woke Salaryman

A new entrant into the scene, The Woke Salaryman dispenses finances tips through stories drawn in a comic strip like format. Already a hit among readers, their stories are heartfelt and informational at the same time.

Best sites to follow to upgrade your personal finance knowledge
Image: The Woke Salaryman

Garnering close to 400,000 followers across all their social media channels, it’s the site to visit if you prefer to digest financial jargons in an easy to understand manner.

Their tagline, ‘Stay woke, salaryman’, serves as a reminder that attaining financial freedom is key.

They also welcome readers to submit their personal stories, making its content more relatable to those who have gone through similar paths.

With all these useful sites at hand, it is without a doubt that help to make your money grow is just one click away.