Taking on a side hustle is a great way to generate extra income and make better use of your time outside of work.

Below is a list of side hustle ideas that you can try out; some offer a quick way to earn additional cash whilst others will need a considerable amount of investment of your time. 

Choose a job that fits your skillset and availability and start side hustling today!

Teach tuition

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Being a tutor is arguably one of the most common side hustles around since tuition jobs are readily available. However, this side hustle may have some educational requirements and is not suitable for everyone.

Those who are interested can look into registering for an account on platforms like ManyTutors. Alternatively, you may also get your friends and family to advertise your service through word of mouth.

Sell your preloved items

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Have a bunch of clothes that you’ve outgrown and are left sitting inside your wardrobe? Or do you have furniture or appliances that you no longer use?

Rather than leave these items to occupy space at home, why not earn some extra cash by selling them online? All you need to do is to set up an account, snap some photos on your phone, and upload the images onto platforms like Carousell.

Join a focus group

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Focus groups are used to collect research data or gather feedback and opinions from consumers. They are discussions that cover a broad range of topics and are typically led by a facilitator.

To generate some extra income, all you need to do is to turn up for the discussion and get paid for giving your honest opinion.

Sign up for focus groups on sites like InFocus and Opinion Hero.

Participate in online surveys

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Taking part in surveys is a low-effort side hustle that doesn’t require any technical skills. Additionally, this job doesn’t require much time to complete and is perfect for people looking to earn a couple of extra bucks quickly.

If this sounds appealing to you, check out recommended sites like milieu to kickstart your online survey journey.

Become a rideshare driver

man driving a car in the day man driving a car in the day

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Ride-sharing is a popular side hustle among car owners. It’s hard to see why not; this part-time job is a relatively easy way to earn some extra money and can help to maximise the usage of their cars.

If you’re interested in becoming a rideshare driver, Grab and Gojek are the two leading companies in Singapore that come to mind when you think about ride-sharing services. 

Become a food delivery driver or rider

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The demand for food delivery services has surged in the past couple of years. With that in mind, you can look into becoming a food delivery person for companies like Grab, Foodpanda, or Deliveroo.

While e-scooters are no longer allowed, you can choose to carry out your deliveries by foot, bicycle or motorcycle.

Sell stock photos

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You can consider selling your photos for some extra cash if you have a passion for photography. 

This side hustle doesn’t require fancy equipment or gears; all you need is a smartphone and a good eye for photos, making it a great part-time job even for amateurs. 

If you’re interested, you can upload your stock photos on websites like iStockPhoto, Shutterstock, or 123rf.

Become a music teacher


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Becoming a part-time music teacher is great if you are a skilled musician or have undergone music education. 

You can sign up to become a music teacher on websites like Awesome Piano, or list your teaching services on Gumtree

Become a freelance writer

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If you are a wordsmith who has a penchant for writing, then becoming a freelance writer may just be the side hustle for you.

Not only do you get to exercise your creativity, but you can also build up a portfolio of regulars and grow your writing services over time, providing you with a steady stream of side income. 

Looking for a freelance writing gig? Check out freelance platforms like Fiverr or Upwork for more information.

Start a dropshipping business

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Dropshipping involves purchasing a product from a third-party retailer and shipping the item directly to the customer when an order is placed. With the dropshipping model, you can start your business relatively easily since the startup cost is low.

If this sounds like the side hustle for you, you can kickstart your dropshipping business and market your products on sites like Shopify.

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