Now that working from home (WFH) is no longer the default, you are most likely heading back to the office daily. No surprise there if you’ve grown accustomed to the perks and convenience of hustling remotely, and are facing a bit of difficulty getting used to being back at the workplace full-time.

From being able to roll out of bed just five minutes before your Zoom meeting, you now have to face the morning rush around your house and on public transport. And instead of facing your adorable pet (if you own one), you’ll be locking eyes with your equally tired-looking colleagues.

It is important to remember that you should be kind to yourself and give it some time whilst you adapt to the office environment. You can also try making some adjustments to your daily routine to help with getting back to your usual grind.

Adjust your body clock

Here's how to get used to being back at the office full-time

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WFH has probably created some irregular sleeping hours for you; mornings are spent struggling to get out of bed, whilst nights have you staying up to continue on all your favourite Korean dramas. You never seem to be well-rested enough during the workday, which can lead to a lack of motivation to complete tasks.

You’re probably worn out when you reach home, so hitting the sack earlier is a good way to adjust your body clock. Resisting the urge to binge on your shows can be tough, but you’ll thank yourself the next morning for calling it a night after a few episodes.

With you getting back to proper sleeping hours, it can help with feeling less sluggish when you wake up and becoming more rejuvenated and ready for work.

Soak up some me-time during the morning

Here's how to get used to being back at the office full-time

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Once your body clock is back to normal, perhaps you can try getting up a bit earlier than usual.

Even if it’s just for half an hour, make use of the peacefulness before the workday rush to do something you enjoy. It could be making yourself a cuppa tea or doing some light stretching. If you would like, you can also put on your favourite podcast or playlist as you get ready for the day.

Having some extra time dedicated to yourself in the mornings can allow you to feel refreshed and less frazzled for the day ahead.

Snack on superfoods during the workday

Here's how to get used to being back at the office full-time

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You probably have a pile of snacks stashed away in your work drawer that help you get through the day. It can be tempting to munch on junk food such as potato chips and candy, but consider swapping them out for healthier snacks instead.

If you’re craving something sweet, opt for superfoods like strawberries and blueberries, which can help with improving brain function and increase concentration. Missing some crunch? Go for some walnuts and almonds, which can also aid with productivity. For a more filling option, pick a banana which can also provide your body with energy.

Not only are these alternatives beneficial for your mind, but they also are much healthier choices for your body.

Have something to look forward to after work

Here's how to get used to being back at the office full-time

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It can be stifling and mundane to stay put at your desk from nine to five, but having after-work plans is an effective way to keep motivated throughout the day.

Catch up with some friends over a meal, or hit your nearest fitness studio for a spin session. It could also be something as simple as unwinding at a cafe with some tea, or heading home to watch your favourite shows (whilst avoiding staying up late).

Planning activities after work can not only give you something to look forward to, but also promote a better work-life balance.

It can be tough to adapt to office life again after a period of WFH, but simple actions like practising proper sleeping hours, encouraging me-time and avoiding unhealthy snacks can help you feel more energized and motivated at work.

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