If you’ve caught yourself sighing for the umpteenth time at work; you’re not alone. It is normal and common to feel unmotivated to complete your assigned tasks, even if you don’t detest your job. And despite the convenience that working from home (WFH) might bring, it can be stifling to stay cooped up for too long, which certainly doesn’t help with your lack of motivation to work.

Some easy tips to freshen up your living space (and subsequently your mood) are to make mealtimes at home more enjoyable with artisanal dinnerware, or perhaps lighting up an aromatic candle or two. We’ve also listed a few other ways below on how to boost your motivation through TED Talks, exercise and more.


Watch TED Talks

TED Talks are a great source to learn and understand more about a vast range of topics, such as personal growth and work. Whether you’re searching for some career advice from experts, or are simply curious to hear about the work and life experiences of different speakers, there a ton of videos that might pique your interest and maybe even help to kickstart your motivation to hustle again.

If you’ve been struggling with work-life balance, which could have been made worse with the WFH situation; author and marketer Nigel Marsh touches on how to juggle between your family, personal time and career. Perhaps you’ve been putting your best foot forward at work, but can’t seem to climb up the corporate ladder; leadership expert Susan Colantuono shares a simple piece of career advice.

Maybe you’ve been unemployed for a period of time and have decided to rejoin the workforce; career reentry expert Carol Fishman Cohen shares about how to get back to work after a career break.

Explore more TED Talks that cover areas on personal or work life which could be helpful to you.


Listen to podcasts

Boost your motivation at work with TED Talks, exercise and more

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Like TED Talks, podcasts can be a convenient tool for sparking some motivation at work, with a library of career-related topics choices to pick from.

Sometimes, hearing about the experiences and stories of successful business owners can be a source of motivation to excel at our own careers. NPR’s How I Built This with Guy Raz has a ton of interesting interviews with big names like Glossier, Starbucks, Shake Shack and more.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to ace a job interview or negotiate your salary, CareerCloud Radio has got you covered. With guests such as experts like career coaches and recruiters, as well as job seekers, there are a series of helpful episodes covering topics such as resume writing, preparing for interviews and the different job resources available.

Be it during your commute to work or whilst on your lunch break, podcasts are an easy way to learn more about anything and everything. If you have Spotify or Apple Podcasts, why not start browsing them to see what catches your attention?


Look at the big-career-picture

Boost your motivation at work with TED Talks, exercise and more

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When you are bogged down by the daily routine of never-ending tasks, it can be easy to forget about the big-career-picture.

Take some time to reflect on what experience your current role has brought you, and how it can further teach you new lessons and skills. Think about how your position and acquired experience can bring you upwards on the corporate ladder, as well as what career advancements, changes or end goals you would like to accomplish over the next few years.

When you have a visual of how you want your career path to look like, it can bring meaning to your work along with a clearer idea of what achievements and milestones you aspire to meet, and this can be a way to boost your motivation to hustle.


Find time to workout

Boost your motivation at work with TED Talks, exercise and more

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According to healthline, exercising can boost the production of endorphins, which are chemicals that can help with creating positive feelings. This could be one of the reasons why you feel happier after a workout.

Since it can be tough to do anything but laze around during the morning, perhaps a 30-minute yoga session might do the trick. If you’re WFH and are feeling sluggish, try taking a 10-minute break for a quick High School Musical dance workout. And whenever you’re craving for something to munch on throughout the day, why not skip the junk food and opt for these snacks that can help supercharge your productivity instead.

After work, you can also try jogging around your nearby park, which can be a great way to unwind from the workday whilst soaking up the scenery.

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