Food delivery is without a doubt a convenient constant in our daily lives. With the pandemic still going on, we’ve been staying at home more often — and naturally — ordering take-out more frequently. Whilst we all have our favourite go-to options on what to eat, it can start to get pretty boring and unexciting.

If you’ve been feeling sick of your usual food choices lately, check out these unique suggestions for your next order.


Send Noods

Image: @sharanvkaur

Whoever is behind the branding of Send Noods certainly knows how to tickle the minds of the younger crowd. The noodle eatery — which features a take-out packaging concept — made waves on social media with menu options like Choke Me Shiok Me ($5.70), Cuddle Me Pattaya Mee ($7) and Noods of the Day ($10.90). For your clarification, the selection of noodles you can pick from include maggie, yellow noodles, bee hoon and more.

You can also order their sides and beverages, which sadly have very ordinary names.

Order Send Noods: foodpanda, Deliveroo (Yishun), Deliveroo (Tampines)


Wrap Bstrd

Unique food delivery options for when you are tired of the usuals

Image: Wrap Bstrd

Imagine a plate of your favourite dish in the form of a wrap; that’s what Wrap Bstrd specialises in. Their menu features a variety of flavours such as Char Siew Rice, Spicy Chicken Indomie, Cheesy Bulgogi Beef and Impossible Black Pepper Wrap. The wraps are slightly on the pricier side (ranging from around $8.80 to $15.50), but according to pictures online, they look packed with delicious ingredients.

If you’re craving some sides to go with your wrap, they also serve up tom yum and mushroom soup, along with light-bites like nacho chips and chicken wings.

Wrap Bstrd opened back in 2020 and is a concept created by Ebb & Flow Group, which also manages other food brands like Love Handle, The Dragon Chamber and Nasi Nuri.

Order Wrap Bstrd: Deliveroo, Website


Phat Fingers 

Unique food delivery options for when you are tired of the usuals

Image: Phat Fingers

The popular demand for burgers never ends. From Five Guys to FatBoy’s, there are tons of options for a thick, juicy bun. You might have also heard of Phat Fingers — a Korean-Western fusion food establishment — which focuses on Korean fried chicken and burgers.

It’s hard not to take notice of their menu, with burger choices like Psy’s Chicken Burger, Sweet Seoulmate Burger and Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Burger. Craving for some fried chicken? Perhaps give their Toss Me Some Tenders and Wicked Wings a try.

There are also sides and desserts (with unique names too) for sharing with a bunch of friends, and overall menu prices range from around $10.99 to $18.99.

Order Phat Fingers: GrabFood, Oddle, Deliveroo, foodpanda (Claymore), foodpanda (Funan Mall)


Overly Cheezy Pizzeria

Unique food delivery options for when you are tired of the usuals

Image: Overly Cheezy Pizzeria

There never seems to be a dull moment when it comes to pizzas, from bubble tea to durian-flavoured creations. If you’re looking to spice up your usual pizza order without being too adventurous, Overly Cheezy Pizzeria serves up delicious-sounding choices like 24k Golden Peking Duck, Fiery Mala Xiang Guo and Mentaiko Ocean. If you’re looking for the usuals, they have classics like Fruity Fruity Hawaiian and Smoky Beef Salami.

With the change to using more high-quality ingredients, their prices for ala carte pizzas range from around $21.90 to $41.90. There is a current promotion though, with two regular pizzas going for $22 (surcharges on specific flavours apply).

They also serve your typical sides, desserts and beverages if you’re looking to complete your meal.

Order Overly Cheezy Pizzeria: GrabFood, foodpanda, Website

Feature image take from Wrap Bstrd