Dining out certainly isn’t going to happen anytime soon, but taking a leaf out of another person’s kitchen might provide the culinary escape you need.

And thankfully, it seems that chefs around the world are eagerly welcoming visitors into their kitchens.

From celebrity chefs whipping up delectable meals to home cooking talk shows offering the latest tips on how to make delicious dishes from what you have at home, here are some free online cooking classes that are accepting aspiring masterchefs right now.


For a comprehensive walkthrough of cooking basics

If you’re new to cooking and need a crash course on the fundamentals, Jessy Ratfink’s comprehensive guide to the tools and techniques of cooking on Instructables  may be a good place to start. Condensed into 6 short, self-paced lessons, the course covers aspects such as how to use a cooking knife properly, as well as specific cooking techniques like pan frying, simmering and stewing.

For a further look into cooking basics, also check out The Kitchn’s Cooking School series. The first few episodes cover specific ingredients and how to prepare them well, while later ones discuss cooking techniques in detail.

Italian celebrity chef Massimo Bottura

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For a glimpse into great cooking with celebrity chefs

Need some cooking inspiration to get started? Step into a celebrity chef’s kitchen for daily culinary delights that you can recreate at home.

Pay a visit to famed italian restaurateur Massimo Bottura, whose “Kitchen Quarantine” series on his personal Instagram features fun, short videos on various dishes. Bottura also hosts Q&A sessions there, so feel free to pick his culinary mind for recipe tips and cooking techniques.

Another celebrity chef sharing his love for great food online is Spanish-American chef José Andrés. The founder of World Central Kitchen, a non-profit dedicated to providing meals to disaster-stricken communities, now also devotes his time providing free cooking lessons on twitter with the hashtag #RecipesForThePeople.

For more inspiration by celebrity chefs be sure to also check out American TV personality and chef Christina Tosi’s Baking Club on Instagram. If you’re a huge fan of baked treats and sweet delights, this one is absolutely for you.


For cooking tips and lively discussions 

Some people need a sense of community. If you’re feeling alone and isolated, American author-chef Samin Nosrat’s “Home Cooking” podcast series provides both cooking advice and nourishing conversations to feed both the body and soul.

According to Nosrat, “Home Cooking” is all about helping people figure out what to cook with whatever they have on hand. Not sure how to use what you have at home? Tune in to her podcast for actionable tips.

Bring out your Inner Chef at Home with These Free Online Cooking Classes

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For full cooking courses on various cuisines and dishes 

More serious learners may want a more comprehensive and rigorous learning experience. If you’re looking for online cooking courses that spare no detail, head over to Tastemade’s collection of free cooking classes. Classes here include baking impressive cakes, healthy-gluten free food, and easy-to-prepare meals.

More cooking classes can also be found on Skillshare. While Skillshare isn’t free, new members do enjoy a 2-month free trial period. That’s certainly more than enough time to pick up some cooking skills.


For Cooking classes for your junior master chefs 

Are your kid’s fans of cooking playsets? Feed their culinary curiosity with Little Sous’s “20 Days of Kitchen Activities”. Introducing kitchen activities that revolve around the science, art and techniques of cooking, your children get to explore their culinary interests deeper for free.

Another place offering cooking content for young ones is Delish. The publication’s editorial director is currently sharing cook-along videos on Instagram at 1 pm EST. That’s 1 a.m. in Singapore, but the videos are up for 24 hours, so you and your young ones can still join in the fun after the live session is over.

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