Miss hanging out with friends? While we’ll all still miss each others’ physical presence, there are, thankfully, so many ways to virtually connect with our besties.

Take watching movies with friends for example. Netflix Party is perfect for catching shows together with friends (while simultaneously sharing our thoughts without having to whisper). Even better, setting up Netflix Party is as easy as getting a movie ticket.

But binging on movies doesn’t help the fact we’re all becoming a little rounder on the outside this social distancing season. A movie marathon once too often gets boring too.

If you’ve already tried Netflix Party and want to do something else with friends, here’s 5 more activities for you to try.

5 stay-at-home activities to do with friends 



Stay in shape with Get Active TV 

Living like a couch potato can leave you feeling listless and lethargic. Need to stay fit and focused? Join Get Active TV’s fitness instructors for free live virtual workouts on Facebook and Youtube.

Branded as Singapore’s official media channel for fitness, active lifestyle, health, and wellness, Get Active TV also includes cooking tutorials and informative talk shows on healthy living and fitness. Get off your couch for a quick workout with The Afternoon Stretch, whip up a healthy meal with Wot’cha Cooking, and have grandma and grandpa stay fit together with Seniors Workout.

Get Active Content airs content between 7.30 am to 9.30 pm from Monday to Friday. Every week features unique content and special guests, so be sure to tune in weekly to avoid missing exclusive fitness tips!


Get inspired together with a virtual museum tour 

A healthy mind is also important for healthy living. Indulge your creative side and go on a cultural immersion experience with the many virtual museum tours now available on Google Arts and Culture Collections.

From renowned art establishments like New York’s Guggenheim museum to niche curations at London’s Imperial War Museum, Google Arts and Culture offers a wide array of virtual museum tours that cater to different interests.

Dive right into famous places like MOMA and Paris’s Musee d’Orsay, start in the Far East with Japan’s many art museums, or take a plunge into the obscure with equally impressive collections at museums in Colombia and Kuwait. Google Arts and Culture has a convenient map view of all museums in their collection, so why not plan a virtual museum escapade around the world?


Bring out your inner chef with friends with free online cooking classes 

Want something healthier than your usual oily takeout, or always wanted to cook your own dishes?  Now’s a great time to pick up some culinary skills with free online cooking classes.

Getting the inside scoop on preparing great dishes with professional dishes is often difficult, but many of these free online cooking classes that are now available feature celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Antoni Porowski. Pick up some culinary know-how from Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course, and also take a look at Porowski’s Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine for more cooking tips and techniques.

For even more free home chef training, check out this list neatly curated by Lifestyle Asia. With so many free culinary courses available, you and your friends will be ready for a friendly cooking showdown in no time.


Play some virtual card and board games online

If all you’re looking for is some good fun the old-fashioned way, organize a virtual card or board game session with friends.

Unlike the physical thing, virtual card and board game platforms offer many more options for you to choose from. Each game also comes with an easier deck or board customization options, letting you spice things up without the need to physically own any add-ons.

Beyond the usual suspects like Poker, Blackjack, and Monopoly, there’s a whole wider world of virtual cards and board games to explore. Try Dominion, a deck-building medieval-fantasy themed card game where subtle deceit and grand strategy can make all the difference. Tickle your politically insensitive side with Cards Against Humanity, or try a hand of treasure and trickery with the Saboteur board game at Board Game Arena.


Start a decluttering challenge with friends 

We now have the time to not only do things we always wanted to do, but also the things we ought to have done. Leading your usual busy life can leave your home messy and disorganized – something most might not have realized until now.

Decluttering takes commitment. To stay focused, enlisting the help of friends can go a long way.

Some decluttering techniques are perfect for gamifying. Take The Minimalists’ Minimalist Game for example. Start with decluttering one item on day 1, all the way until 30 items on day 30. Or Oprah Winfrey’s reverse closet hanger experiment for weeding out the excess in her wardrobe.

Set a little challenge and see who has decluttered the most at the end, or wager on who has the most redundant clothes in his or her wardrobe.

Stay in touch with friends with BUTLER 

Want to complement your stay-at-home workout with fitness equipment or extra protein, need ingredients for your cooking classes, or simply looking to get something to make your stay-at-home experience with friends fun?

Leave it to us to help you stay connected with friends.

With our personal concierge service, simply tell us what you need and have your requests fulfilled with ease. Need more recommendations on great activities to do with friends? Your personal concierge can curate activities based on your indicated interest, and can also unlock exclusive opportunities for you and your friends via BUTLER’s network of partners.

Stay connected with friends with these 5 fun and easy ways. Want to get started with the right tools and ingredients, or get even more fun activities custom-curated to your interests? Get in touch with us and arrange a consultation today!