Being productive doesn’t happen overnight. Staying on track and achieving the goals that you have set out requires a ton of careful planning, along with a great deal of motivation and focus.

Here are some daily habits you can try to adopt to stay focused and amp up your productivity so that you can kill it every day.

Set daily goals

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One of the biggest reasons why most people struggle with focusing and being productive is because they don’t know exactly what they have to do.

And when they’re unsure of what needs to be accomplished, procrastination kicks in and gets in the way of getting things done.

To avoid this problem, you should set one to five goals daily. These goals must be precise and ultra-specific to give you the structure and clarity you need to stay focused and motivated in the long run.

Follow a morning routine

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On most days, how you start your day is the way you’ll continue it. Lousy and unproductive mornings will typically translate into sluggish, unmotivated days.

This makes following a morning routine that’ll help you kickstart your day with high levels of motivation and energy extremely important.

Some activities you can consider incorporating into your routine include meditation, setting your daily goals, or reading.

Avoid multitasking

Daily habits to improve focus and maximise productivity

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Multitasking is often deemed as a great way to get many things done at once, and in a short time. 

However, this supposedly nifty act often does more harm than good. Results from studies have shown that multitasking can lower your focus and reduce productivity by up to forty percent.

Therefore, to maximise your focus and productivity, it’d best if you concentrate on performing one task at a time.

Take regular breaks

Daily habits to improve focus and maximise productivity

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Taking regular breaks might sound counterproductive when it comes to boosting productivity, but doing so is one of the best ways to improve productivity and performance at work.

Multiple studies have suggested that taking regular breaks can help you feel more refreshed and improve productivity. Plus, breaks can also enhance our brain function, allowing us to better process and retain information.

Put away your smartphone

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Did you know that on average, we touch our phones an astonishing 2,617 times a day? There’s no doubt that our smartphones are the number one productivity killer. 

As such, it’s essential that you put away your smartphone when working on your tasks. With the phone out of sight, distractions that come in the form of notifications are kept to a minimum.

Exercise often

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Not only is exercise good for our bodies, but it’s also good for our brains. 

Exercising has been shown to effectively improve our attention, concentration, and learning potential. It’s also known to improve our moods and reduce stress and anxiety levels, which can help with being more productive at work.



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Meditation is arguably one of the best ways to improve one’s focus and productivity. And a great thing about this practice is that you don’t have to be a highly spiritual person in order to reap the benefits of meditation. 

By simply meditating for about five to ten minutes each day, you can improve your concentration, focus better, boost productivity and have a calmer, more decluttered mind.

Drink more water

Drinking Water

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Being dehydrated can cause you to have a lack of focus, energy, motivation, and productivity. To ensure that you stay properly hydrated, you can set a reminder to drink water or hit your daily water goal.

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