“We all dream of having a clean house, but who actually dreams of doing the cleaning?” Famously quoted from British author Marcus Buckingham, this quote encapsulates the feeling that many Singaporeans would likely feel on a day-to-day basis after returning to their homes after a long, tiring day at work — only to see the mountain-like pile of laundry lying in a corner, unwashed dishes stacked up in the sink, and a grimy floor beneath their feet.

We’re all working tiringly long hours every day.  Being able to slump back home without a second thought is every adult’s ultimate luxury. Little surprise why so many of us are looking for help organizing our personal life and spaces in order to free up your time —

Cleaning services today come in different shades and colors. Not all of them are the same though. Do you know how BUTLER is Different From Other Cleaning Companies?


How BUTLER is Different From Other Cleaning Companies in Singapore


What are professional cleaning services?

Back in the old days, the residents of homes themselves simply did the cleaning. As homes grew bigger and got fitted with more complex appliances, people decided to let others manage their household affairs.

That’s when professional cleaning services came in.

A professional cleaning service helps manage essential household duties like home maintenance, cleaning, and cooking. Some companies also offer spring cleaning, air-conditioning services, and bulk washing for fabrics. Others, like Arising, also keep corporate offices spick and span. 

BUTLER also offers professional cleaning services, but we have a few tricks up the sleeves that make us stand out and above the others.


How is BUTLER different from other cleaning companies?

  • Unparalleled reliability

Ever hired a cleaning service that turned out to be a no-show? Or got a part-timer that made a bigger mess than before? That will not happen with us.

BUTLER’s professional approach to excellence has consistently delivered an unbeatable 99.9999% service reliability over the past THREE YEARS. This is made possible because:

  • Our housekeepers are all full-time staff dedicated to making every home shine
  • All of our housekeepers have at least 3 months of rigorous training before deployment
  • Our housekeepers always maintain strong relationships with our clients

Professional cleaning services clean your house. Better cleaning services keep it consistently clean. The best ones, like us, treat you and your home like family. Our customers love and trust us, because the ones you can always fall back on is family.


  • We take care of more than just your physical home

We always deliver to or above standards. Our team goes to work every day obsessed with cleaning excellence. To deliver great cleaning experiences, our housekeepers are trained not only in the latest cleaning know-how and also relevant, in-demand skills like travel planning, event planning and asset management.

Coming home to a clean house is only half the equation, and we want you to feel absolutely at ease by taking care of your mental burdens too.


  • Elevated convenience

Your seamless convenience starts the moment you hand over your house’s keys to BUTLER, who will schedule your cleaning sessions during your working hours so that you can simply return home every day to a clean and tidy house. From procurement to billing, BUTLER is also the only vendor whom you need to liaise with over the length of your service contract. We consolidate multiple invoices into one to save you time and hassle for having to settle multiple invoices.


  • We put customers first at any cost

Staying true to our vision to serve with excellence in everything that we do, you can expect BUTLER to provide high-quality customer service over the length of your contract. Have any queries pertaining to our services? You can seek help immediately from BUTLER’s Concierge Team and you will typically get a reply from us within 24 hours.

Everyone here believes in paying it forward by going the extra mile. Some of our past customers have vouched for housekeepers’ attention to detail, and our big boss himself believes in providing what our customers can benefit from, and not just need.

We also know how frustrating sudden household emergencies can be, and we’re always on standby to help you within the next 24 hours. Nothing makes our day better than seeing our customers satisfied.


  • Support a cause larger than BUTLER

Lastly, you can rest heartened knowing that your utilizing of BUTLER’s services will make a difference to someone else’s life. We believe that time is the most precious commodity in life, and we are here to help return time to you, so you can focus on the things that matter. Conversely, by choosing our services, you play a vital role in providing meaningful job opportunities for BUTLER’s team, who is always committed to dedicating their professionalism in serving you.


Never fear bad cleaning with BUTLER

With years of cleaning under our belt, we know how it’s like to have unprofessional housekeepers leave behind a bigger mess than before.

No cleaning is better than bad housekeeping. Nobody wants to deal with damaged furniture, skin-bleaching cleaning solution — and having to pay for those costly housekeeping mistakes.

Your house is where you find comfort and peace of mind, and we offer nothing but best-in-class solutions for your every cleaning need.


The best cleaning experience starts with BUTLER

Too busy to clean your home every day? We offer daily, weekly, and ad-hoc cleaning services to take care of your needs. From general cleaning to deep cleaning or even moving cleaning, we are able to nail them! Look no further than BUTLER if you wish to engage cleaning services for your premises — contact us today to find out more about the various services we offer and to request for a quotation!


About BUTLER  

BUTLER is a hospitality and property management service company that strives to free up time and provide greater convenience to individuals and businesses through a complete range of property and lifestyle services.