Every mother is a superwoman – they work around the clock to meet the family’s needs while taking on many roles within and outside the household. We know an amazing mother, wife, and a woman named Mahua, who also happens to be our dedicated customer. We asked Mahua about her day-to-day life and how Butler has helped her live an improved lifestyle. Meet Mahua.

Butler: Could you tell us about your family?

Mahua: I am a stay at home mom to three kids. I have one son who is 4.5 years old and twin daughters who are 2 years old. Previously, I worked as a corporate finance professional for almost 20 years. My husband works in the banking sector. Our aunty is also an integral part of our family, having helped me through the tiring months of my twin pregnancy and taking equal responsibility, or more, in raising our twins.

Butler: What were your biggest challenges before engaging Butler’s services?

Mahua: With three kids, two of which are not yet in pre-school, it was very difficult for our aunty and I to find time for housekeeping duties such as dusting and cleaning up after the kids. As the kids need constant attention and are very active, they cannot be left unsupervised at all. Before trying Butler’s services, I tried out weekly cleaning services run by other Singaporean agencies. While this helped on a day to day basis, the house was still a continuous mess with unmade beds, scattered toys, untidy kitchen, and filled waste baskets, among others.

Also, they did not always send the same person, which meant that our aunty and I had to spend a lot of time explaining things to new people every few days. We have a huge 3000 Sq Ft condo, so it is tiring for a single person to make the house super clean by coming in just once a week. That, too, must have caused the change in people from the agency’s side.

Butler: When made you want to engage in Butler’s services?

Mahua: I first came across Butler through google and facebook advertisements. I chatted online with Poon (CEO), and the next day, Poon and one of the Community Managers arrived to understand my needs. Based on a very competitive quote for my home, I signed a monthly renewable contract. Since then, a dedicated team of manager, supervisor and housekeeper have been coming to work together in perfect sync. They keep our home tidy and safe for my children while making it look beautiful, which my husband, our aunty, and I very much enjoy. Butler is very professional in their work, as they give me notice if our regular person is on leave. In situations like this, the supervisor steps in to coordinate with the other housekeeper so that we don’t have to do any explaining ourselves.

Earlier, I was paying around $180-$200 per week for once a week cleaning with frequent housekeeper turnover. Now, our assigned person comes over five times a week and seamlessly does her activities without needing my supervision. She is totally trustworthy – she even tells me when items have been misplaced by any of the family members.

Butler: How has Butler helped you save time managing your home? How have we improved your lifestyle?

Mahua: Before we met Butler, our aunty and I were constantly tense about keeping the house clean so that it is safe for our children, but we simply could not find the time to stay on top of it. Now, we do not even worry about this as we know that the Butler team is fully in charge and up to date on this part of our lives. As a result, we have been able to save at least 25-30 hours each month, which we use to focus on our home and children’s needs without worry.

We have been able to save at least 25-30 hours each month, which we use to focus on our home and children’s needs without worry.

Butler: Which of your friends would you recommend Butler to?

Mahua: I am recommending Butler to all my friends, especially working moms with young children and folks with other dependents who need care.

At Butler, it is our mission to help people make the most of their busy lives. As Mahua showed us, sometime’s receiving a bit of help can make a big difference in our lifestyle. Butler’s services aren’t just an investment not just for a cleaner home, but for our mind, body, and family. It lets us focus on what matters – which for Mahua is her family.

What are some things in your life that you could pay more attention to? Or what would you do if you had more free time? It may seem like a daydream to ponder about these kind of things, but Butler helps dreams come true.

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