FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 21, 2019



The new brand aims to help Singaporeans work less hours and be more productive


Singapore; February 21, 2019: ButlerInSuits, Singapore’s first and largest housekeeping subscription service, announced that the company is rebranding itself as Butler. Under this new name, the company will expand into other areas including subscription-based commercial cleaning service, personalized Butler service, and branded home essentials.


ButlerInSuits began in September 2016 by offering weekly housekeeping service under the motto, “free up time and return home happy”. Since then, the company moved onto daily housekeeping with additional services including property management and concierge service. In 2018 alone, 100,000 housekeeping sessions were achieved with a miss rate of less than 0.01%.


Butler’s rebranding addresses the need for modern day enterprises to streamline work processes and organize management needs. The comprehensive service minimizes lost time created by hiring contractors on-demand and is tailored to every clients’ needs, regardless of the type of office and business. Businesses can subscribe to regular cleaning and also enjoy the benefit of other services including: property management – for maintaining office appliances and interiors through Butler’s partner contractors, concierge service – for managing company-wide events or other tasks outside the company’s functions, and Butler service – for providing the ultimate luxury experience to esteemed guests.


The move reflects the company’s realization that businesses also require the regular upkeep that homes get. Butler guarantees the quality of their work through its professionally trained housekeepers, who have completed over 200 hours of intense training. 


Poon Da Qian, CEO and founder of Butler, said “We want to help businesses free up time and focus on their work, just as we want our individual clients to free up time and return home happy. This has always been the motto of the company, and we continuously strive to enrich the lives of our clients through personalized services.”


Please visit to explore the new website and learn more about the services offered for businesses.


About Butler:

Free up time, enjoy life, and return home happy. Butler is the ultimate solution for individual and commercial clients with a busy lifestyle. We provide six services – residential housekeeping, property management, concierge services, commercial cleaning, butler service, and home essentials – so that you can spend more time doing the things that matter to you. For more tips on how we bring magic to your life, visit: or