9 September 2016


ButlerinSuits is a subscription service that helps busy people get their home chores and to-do’s done every week. Subscription starts at $99/week.
We give our customers their time back — managing their home in the background and eliminating the process of time-consuming chores and to-dos.
Existing on-demand service platforms are typically time-consuming and a one-time affair. The current on-demand service platforms are mostly built on the sharing economy business model, which hires freelancers to get the tasks done, However, most of the time, they operate on a single task with the inability to go beyond their call of duty. Homeowners are also stuck with a process that is manual and requires them to be part of the operating process — for example, staying around to open the door, or supervise the workers.
ButlerinSuits rethought the entire process by optimising and streamlining it to bring a seamless experience for our customers. The process took eight months, starting in February 2016.
ButlerinSuits is an innovative startup that hires our team of full-time butlers to best serve our customers and their home. Our service also glues multiple verticals together to create a horizontal range of seamless service experience for our customers, always at retail or below, ranging from getting your mail collected and sent, to laundry, and purchase of cleaning, groceries, etc.
To get started with our subscription service, customers simply book a 15 minute home appointment with our butler, and a set of keys to access their home door and mailbox, that will be safeguarded and traced, and their preferred schedules, and we’ll take over the home management process from there onwards.
We have stringent hiring and onboarding processes in place, to ensure that only the most trustworthy and talented individuals work with our customers. We also prioritise on hiring hospitality graduates who are starting out their career and students taking their gap year before university.
The startup is currently on trial in 10 apartments, and will be our mailing list subscribers on updates.