The playroom is where the kiddos have fun playing and letting their imagination run wild. That’s before all the nagging comes along, needing to ask your kids to clean up and get them ready for naptime.

Find your kid’s playroom looking like a warzone after playtime? Here are brilliant tips on how you could style up the room and have proper storage in place for their toys whilst keeping your sanity as parents in check.


Get rid of unused toys ALONE.

Organising your kids playroom

Not meant to shoo your kids away, but in this hack, it’s best you do it alone whilst your kids are in school or napping. This ensures your kids do not hoard the toys and have separation anxiety needing to get rid of them.

Grab a trash bag and dump away all the broken toys, puzzles with missing pieces and old unkempt drawings. As for toys that your kids no longer play with but are still in perfect condition, chug them into a box to be donated to underprivileged kids or giveaway to your relatives and friends. Just ensure they are of good quality, else into the trash bag it goes!


Create a space for artistic creativity

Organising your kids playroom

Set a corner in the room with a small table with stools for your kids to colour, paint and use their imagination. By having an art corner, this instils discipline into your child knowing that they cannot draw or colour elsewhere, specifically on furniture or walls.

To keep the art materials organised, we recommend having a mini cabinet or movable art trolley to store a stash of papers and hang storage buckets for their colour pencils and crayons. Play around with colours and stickers if that keeps your kids motivated. Also, if you have ample space, getting a wooden art easel with huge canvas paper rolled up would be an excellent investment too.


Have racks or storage baskets for various toys 

Organising your kids playroom

To declutter the room, purchase colossal storage bins, preferably see-through and have them organised in your kids’ playroom. Here’s where you should involve your child and have them sort out the toys into the various bins, instilling a sense of responsibility to keep their toys in their designated location after playtime.

Once that is done, allow your kids to label the storage bins in their way by using stickers or coloured tabs if that means it’s easier for them to understand. As for storage of legos, we recommend getting a storage box with lids, so it’s not easily knocked over and takes into consideration your child’s safety as well.


Utilise wall space

Organising your kids playroom


Storage space can go on walls too and is a great solution to declutter the floor. Make use of decorative hooks to store hats, soft toys, or hang storage buckets for rarely used items.

If your kids are obsessed with a specific toy, just like the above picture, you could even install a rack meant for their toy cars, dinosaurs, and lego built pieces. Just ensure the shelf is stable and doesn’t easily topple over if your child picks up a toy.


Install bookshelves

Organising your kids playroom

Instead of chucking away the books in storage boxes, we recommend installing bookshelves, in turn, helps to maximise the use of empty walls too.

Feel free to get coloured shelves to brighten up the room and organise the books according to their theme or genre. Do ensure the shelves are of your kid’s height so they could quickly grab a book for an afternoon snuggle session or storytime before bed.


Above all of these hacks, we urge parents to be creative in organising the room. You know what’s best for your kids and if they are obsessed with a specific toy, feel free to change the theme of the room into it—for example, dinosaurs, flowers, outer space or even a rainbow-themed room. We do hope this saves some nagging sessions in the future, happy organising!

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