Getting a plant might seem like way less responsibility compared to a pet, but being a parent to a succulent is still no easy feat. Like humans, succulents need fresh air, sunlight, water and some Tender Loving Care (TLC). Don’t forget to whisper words of encouragement, too.

If you’re looking to spruce up your living space with some lush greenery but lack that green thumb, maybe start with some artificial plant decor first. You know what they say: “fake it till you make it”.


Artificial plant options for faking it till you make it
Image: IKEA Singapore Facebook

When it comes to IKEA, the to-do list consists of first eating their delicious meatballs, and then buying some fake plants. Right?

There is a substantial collection of artificial plants to pick from at their stores, but there are over 80 choices online, including flowers. The selections look pretty legit, if you ask me; from monsteras to geraniums and eucalyptuses, you’ll definitely be able to find ones that suit the vibe you’re going for. The prices range from as low as S$1.90 for smaller potted plants to S$89 for larger designs.

P.S. They even have a terrarium that comes with a dome, which I’m sure fans of Beauty and the Beast will admire.

Visit your nearby IKEA store or browse online.

2. HipVan

Artificial plant options for faking it till you make it
Image: HipVan Facebook

HipVan was founded locally by a group of young adults who wanted to help build homes that are inspiring. Apart from specialising in designer furniture at reasonable prices, they also house an array of artificial plants for livening up your living area.

The more plants the merrier; while their assorted tropical leaf set of five (S$55.90) is out of stock, you can consider getting their palm leaf, paradisiaca or monstera stems which come in sets of two (S$19.90/set). If you prefer your succulents potted, they also have a variety of plant sizes for your choosing.

Visit HipVan at their pop-up stores, or browse them online.

3. Comfort Design

Artificial plant options for faking it till you make it
Image: Comfort Design Facebook

Fun fact: According to their website, furniture company Comfort Design is one of the suppliers to our favourite F&B spots like The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and even Burger King. With over 40 years of experience in the furniture industry, they currently have a five-storey building in Singapore which houses their production, warehouse, showroom and corporate office altogether.

While most of their larger artificial plants are on the more expensive end, their smaller items are more affordable. Check out their Caspe Cone (S$25) which features a potted lavender plant, or their baby’s breath design which comes potted with an adorable tutu-shaped vase (S$35, medium).

Shop Comfort Design at their showroom or online.

4. Spotlight

Artificial plant options for faking it till you make it
Image: Spotlight Singapore Facebook

Whenever it comes to doing anything crafty, Spotlight always comes to mind. Even when you’re celebrating someone’s birthday, their stores have everything you need to put up the perfect party. From fabric dyes to jewellery-making essentials or balloons, it’s no surprise you can even find artificial plants too.

For some space-saving options, go for their Hanging Eucalyptus Bowl (S$42) or String Of Pearls in Hanging Pot (S$31.50). There are also a ton of potted plant options depending on your preference, so picking on just a few that you like might take a while.

Shop at your local Spotlight store or browse online.

In case you think your fake plants don’t need any taking care of: They can get dusty over time, so make sure to give them a little swipe here and there!