27 March 2018

Butler In Suits – Singapore’s Happiest Housekeeping Company.

Butler In Suits empowers local housekeepers and house cleaners with market leading salary, benefits, and employment; bringing aspiration, and happiness to a traditionally backbreaking industry.

SINGAPORE, 27 March 2018 – Started in 2016, Butler In Suits is the world’s first daily housekeeping subscription service, helping apartment residents free up time and return home happy! 


Our philosophy is about creating happiness, and in the very early part of Butler In Suits story, we thought about this rhetorical question; can we bring total happiness?

Our answer was simple, to have happy customers, we have to have happy employees; and likewise by having happy employees, we will have happy customers.

We empower our housekeepers with market leading starting salary of $1800/month, 5 working days, 9 – 6pm shifts. And also market leading benefits of up to 21 days annual leave, medical leaves, childcare leaves, and career progression. As compared to market standards which ranges between $900-$1400/month, 6 workdays, and 8 to 12 hour shifts. 

We empower our housekeepers with great benefits and our housekeepers in turn are motivated to pursue their aspirations in life and motivated to bringing happiness to our customer; completing the loop of happiness creation.


Butler In Suits is Singapore’s Finest Housekeepers and we empower our employees to a better living. and we disrupt the status quo of a once frowned upon industry by instilling purpose, and mission.


Daily housekeeping subscription rate:

$330/month (1-2 bedroom)

$440/month (3-4 bedroom)

Founded by Poon in 29 September 2016, Butler In Suits aims to bring the hospitality experience to apartments residents so our customers can free up time and return home happy! 

Filo Mean, one of the many happy customers that are using Butler In Suits services sums it up: “We’ve had Butler In Suits for our place and they’ve been great! Their attention to detail and responsiveness is on point. A true “serviced apartment” experience indeed! Highly recommended if you want a beautiful and well organised home.” Noemie Mooney, another satisfied customer of Butler in Suits’ services says she loves their “tech-enabled approach to home management”, and praises the team for their commitment.

Poon explains: “My vision is to have Butler In Suits help busy professionals like myself with day to day housekeeping so I can find free up time and return home happy!”
Prior to launching, the company’s CEO Poon Da Qian (25) had worked in the hospitality industry since the age of 15, and has brought into the company the management team and experience of Asia’s top luxury hotels, to launch Butler In Suits.

The management team boasts a combined experience of over 30 years in hospitality.

Butler In Suits is available to customers  by simply registering online and subscribing to its housekeeping service. From there on, each customer’s home will be in the capable hands of a professional housekeeper, who will be in charge of taking care of the customer’s home and helping them return home happy!.

Based in Singapore, Butler In Suits currently employs twenty staff members and has plans to recruit fifty more over the next twelve months. The company is also on its way to further improve the overall customer experience with research into new technologies to become more productive and efficient.

Butler In Suits is currently service major parts of Singapore.

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About Butler In Suits

Butler In Suits helps apartment residents free up time and return home happy with Singapore’s Finest Housekeepers and the World’s First Daily Housekeeping Service. The company is based in Singapore and founded in 2016 by Poon Da Qian, CEO, to help apartment residents to Free Up Time and Return Home Happy!

For more information contact:

Poon Da Qian, CEO

Mobile: 81117996


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