Rich and aromatic, Middle Eastern cuisine is in a unique niche of its own.

But beyond kebabs and hummus, few in Singapore actually know what the Middle East has to offer.

There’s so much more to discover, and thankfully you can savor its vibrant flavors right here at home.

From exotic dishes of the Levant to crossovers with Mediterranean influences, seek out the best of the Middle East at these joints.


Top 5 Middle Eastern restaurants in Singapore


Rediscover Middle Eastern Flavors At These Restaurants in Singapore

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1. Artichoke

Situated in the heart of Singapore’s arts and heritage district, Artichoke re-imagines Middle Eastern cuisine with a funky spin.

Self-branded as “Singapore’s most rebellious kitchen”, do not expect authentic Middle Eastern flavours here.

At Artichoke, Chef-owner Bjorn Shen’s goal isn’t to recreate the Middle East at the tip of your tastebuds, but surprise diners with unique, sometimes wacky concoctions. Think sweet potato falafels, or cuttlefish shawarma.

Popular favorites at this joint include their Feta Burrata and Ful Madames. If you’re feeling thirsty, Artichoke’s in-house bar offers homemade rosewater lemonade and Turkish sodas.


Rediscover Middle Eastern Flavors At These Restaurants in Singapore

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2. Beirut Grill Fine Middle-Eastern Cuisine

A stalwart scene at Singapore’s Middle Eastern enclave on Bussorah Street, Beirut Grill continues to deliver authentic Lebanese cuisine to savvy diners.

At Beirut Grill, diners are promised authentic dishes and excellent service. All dishes here are prepared using herbs and spices flown directly from Lebanon, and the staff here are dedicated to the motto: “Your Wish Is My Command”.

And that’s not all.  Dine-in on weekends and be impressed further with live drumming and belly dances.


Rediscover Middle Eastern Flavors At These Restaurants in Singapore

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 3. Kazbar Savoury Middle Eastern Experience

Promising diners a kaleidoscope of Middle Eastern flavors, Kazbar is also another long-time local favorite.

In fact, Kazbar takes so much pride in its illustrious heritage that it brands itself as the “Medina of Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine”. Headed by an elite executive chef and using only ingredients and spices air-flown directly from the Middle East, they certainly may be.

If you’re looking to get tipsy, Kazbar is also currently offering D-I-Y cocktail sets in addition to their usual selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic Middle Eastern beers.


Rediscover Middle Eastern Flavors At These Restaurants in Singapore

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4. Shabestan Finest Persian Cuisine

Dedicated to spreading the beauty of Persian culture, one will only find the finest in Persian cuisine at Shabestan.

Persian dishes are easily recognized by the use of saffron, pomegranates, prunes, and olive oil. At Shabestan, all dishes are prepared in strict accordance to tradition, using only the best ingredients available from the Middle East.

Above all, Shabestan is helmed by senior executive chef Hamid Hosseini. Drawing on his experiences working for traditional and haute-cuisine kitchens across the Middle East, Shabestan showcases his unique style of cooking known as New Persian cuisine.


Rediscover Middle Eastern Flavors At These Restaurants in Singapore

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5. Mosi’s Café

Possibly the first Moroccan café in Singapore to introduce shisha, one can still find respite in Mosi Café’s hearty teas and authentic Moroccan fare.

At Mosi’s, one can enjoy a good selection of Moroccan and other Middle Eastern dishes at more economical prices. Early birds can also rejoice – between 9.30 am to 11.30 am, Mosi’s offers a great introduction to Middle Eastern fare with their Zagora breakfast set.


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