Now that we are confined to our homes most of the time, it’s likely that you over-stock up on goods which then equates to a hectic-looking fridge.

Ideally, it would be best if you only filled up your fridges till it’s two-thirds full. Bearing in mind your current fridge situation, if you have something falling out every time you open it, you’ll definitely need to declutter.

Below, we’ll share hacks on how you could better organise your fridge. Trust us, rearranging it could aid in reducing food wastage as well.


Lazy Susan

Reorganise your fridge with these hacks

Image: Pinterest

You probably just chuck your food items in the fridge only to forget about it over time. Well, looking at how Singaporeans are always kiasu (afraid to lose), we’ll end up repurchasing the item, especially since it’s not visible in the fridge at first glance.

To solve this, we’d suggest getting a lazy Susan. This way, you’ll be able to rotate your items around to get a better view of what needs to be purchased and what is already available at home.

Fun fact: It was said that Thomas Jefferson invented this item for his daughter, Susan, who complained that she was always served last at the table; thus, the invention then acts as a ‘waiter’. Therefore, to anyone named Susan who may be reading this, we aren’t directing any remarks at you.


Storage bins

Reorganise your fridge with these hacks

Image: @thatorganizedkitchen

It’s only normal to place food items in any space available in the fridge and scurry to find them when you need them. Storage bins could then be used to segregate ingredients and ease the process of stock-taking when it’s time for a grocery run.

For easier identification, consider labelling them accordingly. Examples of labels could be “leftovers” for food that needs to be finished up, “eat me please” for items expiring soon or even “lactose-free” for households with lactose-intolerant family members.

Alternatively, you could also choose to purchase storage baskets of assorted colours.


Designate each shelf for different purposes

Reorganise your fridge with these hacks


Topmost shelf: Place leftovers and ingredients that are ready to eat.

Middle shelf: Reserved for dairy items such as milk, cheese and butter. By placing it this way, it helps to keep the most perishable items cool at all times.

Bottom shelf: As this shelf is known to be the coldest portion of the fridge, save this space for storing raw ingredients such as meat or seafood. Adding on, it ensures that any liquid formed by the raw ingredients do not drip onto any cooked food you might have stored, thus preventing cross-contamination.

Door shelve: They are known to be the warmest area of the fridge and most susceptible to temperature fluctuations. Leave this space for storing condiments, bottled beverages and anything with preservatives.


Canned drinks holder 

Reorganise your fridge with these hacks

Image: Pinterest

For households who are fond of stocking up on canned drinks, here’s a hack for you. Be it for beers or sodas, getting this holder helps to minimise clutter. Furthermore, instead of needing to reach out to the back of the fridge for the last can of coffee, simply pull out the storage to reach for one.

Pro tip: If you’re a packet drink hoarder, this could double up as a container for them too.


Feature image by: @nest_in_order