With the community cases of the Covid-19 virus slowly inclining as days went by, it’s no doubt a reason why Singapore went back to Phase 2 (Heightened Alert). Undeniably, we couldn’t help but go “urgh” upon receiving the news, but hey, we’ve survived 2020’s Circuit Breaker, so it’s certainly not something foreign to us.

Now that we are considered “experts” in all the imposed measures, let’s ponder upon what we have been doing differently in this year’s edition of the mini lockdown. Apart from a Singaporean’s famous panic-buying routine, we list down a few takeaways from the Circuit Breaker period which we have been utilising in Phase 2.

There’s no need to panic buy

Takeaways from Circuit Breaker that we have brought forth in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

Image: Nadarajan/TODAY Newspaper

No doubt, Singaporeans have the kiasu (fear of missing out) habit instilled in us regardless of any situation. The term “panic buying”, where locals rush down and empty the supermarket’s racks, even made headlines during the Circuit Breaker.

In a report by TODAY, chief executive officer (CEO) of NTUC FairPrice, Seah Kian Peng, assured that the supermarket chain has doubled its stockpiles this year. This then followed by an affirmation that supermarkets will remain open for your daily purchases.

Ultimately, the act of panic buying potentially leads to a lot of food wastage as well. With a particular concern to perishable food, it’s recommended that you only buy what you need. Noticeably, there have also been patrons who tested positive for Covid-19 and had visited supermarkets while they were infectious. Thus, it’s best that you avoid heading to the supermarkets or malls during the peak hour to minimise contact with others.


Everyone’s subconsciously a chef (make your own meals)

Takeaways from Circuit Breaker that we have brought forth in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

 Image: Ana Rocio Garcia Franco/Getty Images

With the uncertainty of the current economy, it’s probably best to try to save as much money from your monthly payout. One way is by cooking your meals instead of relying on GrabFood daily. The Circuit Breaker proved to the world that we are secretly bakers and home chefs of our own.

We recall how everyone was whipping up their version of Dalgona coffee, chocolate chip cookies, and so much more. Now that we are back to working from home (WFH), it’s no excuse for not being able to try out new recipes or even invent your own. Who knows, your invention could be 2021’s lockdown trend.


Working from home doesn’t equate to working all-day

Takeaways from Circuit Breaker that we have brought forth in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

Image: Marta Filipczyk/Unsplash

Without the need to factor in travelling to and from the office, subconsciously, you may clock in extra hours to finish up your work assignments at home. At times, you even see yourself working into the late night, knowing how you could sleep an extra hour or so before going back into the routine the following day.

Here’s us reminding you that WFH doesn’t equate to working all day. Even if a client sends you an email at 5.01 pm, you are still entitled to working merely by your required hours — be it from 9 am to 5 pm or 10 am to 6 pm.

Spare some time for yourself or laze on your bed whilst catching up on the new Friends Reunion on Netflix. Oh, and of course, to clock in extra playtime with your kids after all the missed hangouts back when you were working from the office.


It’s possible to work out from home

Takeaways from Circuit Breaker that we have brought forth in Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)

Image: @decathlonsg

The lockdown has proven that workouts need not be done solely in a gym; but instead, your room is an excellent alternative. No doubt gym closures last year got many taken aback, but with that, it made gym-goers and even those who don’t frequently exercise then make do with the equipment at home whilst following along workout videos on YouTube.

With a slight tweak to the room layout along with an addition of a humidifier, one’s room could automatically be turned into a bedroom, home office as well as a home gym. The trick, of course, is to have at least ample space to roll out your yoga mat.

Apart from opting to use the skipping rope at your corridors, weightlifting, push-ups, and even HIIT workouts can be done in the convenience of your own home. Also, since stores remain open this time around, consider purchasing heavier dumbbells to add to your stash at home as well as new workout outfits for an extra boost of motivation.


Feature image by @_nguan_